Tuition & Fees

Academic Year 2024-2025

J.D. Program (Full-time)
Full-Time Tuition (12 -18 credits) $21,735.00 per semester
Registration Fee $60.00 per semester
Student Activities Fee $60.00 per semester
Parking Fee $30.00 per semester
Library Fee $165.00 per semester
Materials Fee $190.00 per semester
University Services Fee $215.00 per semester
University Student Health Svcs Fee** $120.00 per semester
Administrative Fee  $525.00 per semester
Total Tuition and Fees $23,100.00 per semester


Joint Degree Program (2L’s & 3L’s)
Law Courses Tuition Rate $1,812 per credit
Graduate Courses Tuition Rate $825 per credit
Student Services Fee $1,365.00 per semester
Technology and Resource Fee $75.00 per graduate course


Summer 2024
Tuition Rate $1,736.00 per credit
Student Services Fee $255.00


LL.M., M.L.S. and J.S.D. Programs
LL.M. Tuition $1,267.00 per credit
J.S.D. Tuition $4,080.00 per semester
M.L.S. Tuition $1,267.00 per credit
Student Service Fee $255.00 per semester
Student Book Fee $600.00 per semester (LL.M. in Intercultural Human Rights Only)
Technology Fee $150.00 per semester (M.L.S. in Cybersecurity only)


Additional Fees
Student Health Insurance* $2,350.00 per year
Student Health Services Fee** $240.00 per year
Law Courses Tuition Rate
(enrolled in less than 12 or more than 18 credits in the Fall or Spring semester)
$1,812.00 per credit
Graduate Courses Tuition Rate $825.00 per credit

*Student Health Insurance is included in the Fall semester registration, and will be waived if acceptable proof of insurance is submitted by the posted deadline date.
**Student health services fee is required of all students (will not be waived).

The University reserves the right to change without notice its tuition, fees, service charges, rules and regulations at any time, should conditions so warrant.