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Alumni Spotlight – Tomas Randle LL.M.

By January 16, 2018Law School, STU News
St. Thomas Law’s globally acclaimed LL.M./J.S.D. in Intercultural Human Rights program prides itself in offering its students a unique and challenging academic experience.  Tomas Randle, Esq., who graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Master of Laws in Intercultural Human Rights program in May 2017, reflects on his educational experience at St. Thomas Law.
Tomas Randle at work at the Public Defender’s Office in Buenos Aires, Argentina
For Tomas, being a Fulbright Award recipient from Argentina gave him the opportunity to pursue his LL.M. degree at any university of his choice in the United States. After much thought and deliberation, he elected to attend St. Thomas Law’s LL.M. Program. The Intercultural Human Rights Law Review ranking sixth among all human rights law journals worldwide and the eminent instructors served as the magnet that attracted him to the program. During his study, Tomas had the opportunity to meet people from similar professional backgrounds from all over the world, and the result of sharing the same passion and concerns about human rights and the enriching intellectual experience exceeded his expectations.

“After an intense year of reading, researching and studying about human trafficking, the protection of refugees and human rights and religion, I can only be grateful to Professors Siegfried Wiessner and Roza Pati, for the high quality of the program curriculum and the faculty selected to teach each course,” stated Tomas.  “I feel myself confident to deal with the daily issues that arise every day and with the knowledge acquired at St. Thomas University, I can help to enforce the human rights of the voiceless and more vulnerable people of my city.”

That city is Buenos Aires, Argentina.  After completing his LL.M. degree, Tomas returned there to continue his legal career as a Public Defender. For Tomas, the knowledge and practical skills he learned in the program have had a meaningful impact in his work.

The LL.M./J.S.D. in Intercultural Human Rights program’s world-renowned faculty hail from places such as the United Nations, Oxford University, the Human Rights Watch and international courts. Its one-of-a-kind curriculum creates a highly stimulating learning environment for its students.


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