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Amicus Initiative, Victory!

Congratulations to St. Thomas University School of Law students, Heidy Gonzalez ’20 and Ashley Larkin ‘20, for their contribution to the Amicus Brief in the case of State v. Dix. Gonzalez and Larkin, along with Professor Jennifer Martin of St. Thomas University School of Law and Professor Stephen Sepinuck of Gonzaga University School of Law, filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Commercial Law Amicus Initiative (CLAI), before the Idaho Supreme Court in the case of State v. Dix that led to the reversal of Dix’s convictions and his acquittal. The Idaho Supreme court, in its opinion, specifically noted its agreement “with the reasoning in the amicus curiae brief filed by Commercial Law Amicus Initiative,” The Court found that Dix did not commit burglary because the pawnshop received good title to the goods in question.

CLAI is a non-profit formed to assist state and federal courts in interpreting and applying the Uniform Commercial Code, other commercial statutes, and related common law. Both Heidy Gonzalez and Ashley Larkin earned a Certificate in Business Law while at STU.

Read the full opinion here. 

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