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Building excitement: Donors, faculty and students tour new business building slated to open this Summer

Thanks to a $5 million dollar donation by Gus and Liliam Machado, this summer, STU will inaugurate a new Gus Machado College of Business complex.

This twenty-first-century complex will reflect the modern workplace, have an open architecture, utilize multi-purpose spaces and combine a robust technology infrastructure with the functionalities needed to learn real-life business practices.

At a luncheon with other supporters on January 26, the university honored the Machados for their generous donation and support of the university. With a tour of the construction site, donors, faculty, and staff got an exclusive look at the inside of the building, and learned about how it will impact the university.

The Gus Machado College of Business will be the teaching hub of the campus. Its state-of-the-art design includes case study rooms, flexible classrooms and computer labs. Unique features of the Academic Building include a Financial Lab, a Bloomberg Trading Room; a Global Conference Auditorium; and a Student Innovation Incubator, the Center for Career Development.

The new complex will allow the Gus Machado College of Business to grow from 800 to 1,600 students and will add 20 new classrooms to the roster.

“We are looking to be a 21st-century university, and this complex will get us there,” said David A. Armstrong, President. “Thank you to our community for their support and for helping us make a dream come true.”

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