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Meet STU Leader for Life: Jose J. Vargas

Meet STU Leader for Life Jose J. Vargas: Pembroke Pines Police Major Jose J. Vargas graduated St. Thomas University with a Doctorate of Education in Leadership and Management degree in 2015. A uniformed member of the police department since 2001, Major Vargas chose to earn his degree at STU because of the university’s reputation of being an institution that values diversity, academic excellence, and ethical leadership.

In addition to his role as a law enforcement officer, Major Vargas also serves as an adjunct faculty member in in St. Thomas University’s Master of Science in Educational Leadership program. Drawing on his professional experiences with the police department, he is able to enhance the academic curriculum with real-life examples of ethical leadership in action.

He was recently honored within the police community by having an important article he authored published in notably the most respected publication at the senior management level in law enforcement, International Association of Chiefs of Police/Police Chief Magazine.

In His Own Words Regarding:

Faith-based education…

The right education is not necessarily only obtained from an ivy league school.  Having grown up in South Florida, St. Thomas University was known to me as a reputable local institution that values diversity, academic excellence, and ethical leadership. I recall my very first campus visit, when I and all the Ed.D. in Education students and professors joined in prayer.  It quickly made me realize I was at the right higher learning institution.

Community and serving…

As with any career choice, your heart must be in it.  The law enforcement profession presents many challenges, but it is also very rewarding.  It provides endless opportunities to serve our communities and help fulfill social values.  I specifically chose a career with the Pembroke Pines Police Department, because much like STU, we are a family that works together to help others. Working with outstanding coworkers and local partners in providing safety and dedicated service to our communities is extremely important to me.

Learning and leading…

I am very proud of what I have learned from St. Thomas University and will never forget the people of the STU community who provided support and encouragement along the way. They have played a valued role in my leadership development.

Acquiring a Doctorate, along with the lessons and support from the St. Thomas University staff, equipped me with enhanced skills and guidance in the pursuit of professional goals. As an adjunct professor, I am honored for the opportunity to pay-it-forward by sharing all I have learned with current students working on their Master of Science in Educational Leadership degree.

The world undoubtedly needs more ethical men and women who possess strong leadership skills and an eagerness to learn, and it is such a rewarding experience to witness this growth inside of the classroom and in the community

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