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New Degrees to Meet the Workforce of the Future

By February 12, 2015College of Science

A historic expansion of St. Thomas University’s academic offerings is underway that is not only designed to meet existing marketplace demands, but also address the needs of the workforce of the future. These academic enhancements include the addition of eighteen cutting edge programs and ten specializations to St. Thomas University’s already broad and diverse program offerings.

Among the expanded course offerings are unique programs in Cyber Security and Trade and Logistics. Bachelors, Masters, and concentrations within the Masters in Business Administration and Masters of Science in Management in these two areas address unique specializations that are in high demand in the marketplace.

Our graduates will face global opportunities and challenges with a multifaceted approach. For example, the Cyber Security degree curriculum is totally interdisciplinary, with course offerings that relate to business, technology, criminal justice and law. Trade and Logistics programs respond to our unique location as the Gateway to the Americas, addressing market demand for a specialized workforce. St. Thomas University’s highly regarded Sports Administration program will expand to offer a unique Doctorate of Business Administration in Sports Administration, and. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Nursing address the increasing need for healthcare workers with college degrees, and the growth in demand for Nurse Practitioners.

Other enhanced programs in the School of Business, School of Science, Biscayne College, School of Arts and Education, and School of Theology and Ministry will also become available within the next six to eight months.

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