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Palermo Mentorship Program Fall 2021 Kick-Off Event

On November 12, 2021, St. Thomas University College of Law’s (STU Law) Palermo Mentorship Program (Palermo Program) held its annual Fall Kickoff Event with approximately 30 students from the Law Magnet Program at Miami Carol City Sr. High School (MCCSHS) overseen by Asiah Wolfolk-Manning, Esq.

The Palermo Program is a community partnership launched in 2013 between STU Law and MCCSHS where STU Law students work with MCCSHS’s Law Magnet students to teach topics ranging from constitutional law to U.S. Government and history. The inspiration for the program was The Honorable Peter R. Palermo’s belief that the leaders of tomorrow in any profession must know about the United States Constitution, civics, and the law.

For the Fall Kickoff Event this year, the high school law magnet students learned about the First Amendment, participated in a debate over the First Amendment rights of students, and heard from Greatness Coach, Motivational Speak er, and Vogue Attorney, Natasha Mayne, Esq—a MCCSHS grad herself. After candidly, sharing her story of trial and triumph, Ms. Mayne emphasized that “there is nothing in this world that you all cannot do, right? Even if you fail a couple of times.” A message that was well received.

Todd Clark, professor of law at STU Law and the Palermo Program’s faculty advisor, said “the high school students that participated in this year’s program were extremely engaged and well prepared. I am optimistic that Judge Palermo was smiling down from heaven on all of today’s participants as everyone was working to contribute to his legacy, and am also confident that there were several future lawyers as well as a couple of future judges amongst the participants. Participating for the first time as a faculty representative in this year’s iteration of the Palermo Program reminded me of how special it is to be at STU Law working with our students and our community.”


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