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Which of These Business Administration Programs is Right For You?

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Earning a degree in business administration is an excellent choice for a solid career. Aspects of business permeate almost every part of our lives, and there are a variety of ways that you can apply your knowledge in this field. Choose from a variety of 5 different business administration programs when you attend St. Thomas University.

Our prominent professors and program options offer the best opportunities for students to earn a degree that will jumpstart their careers. 

Keep reading to learn more about STU’s options when deciding which of these business administration programs is right for you.

5 Business Administration Programs to Choose From

St. Thomas University offers different business administration programs to fit your future career goals. Whether you choose to enter the public, private, government, or non-profit sector, there is a business administration degree to suit your strengths and interests.

International Business

Choosing a degree in International Business is a great way to expand your knowledge of business on a global level. Students who enter this award-winning degree program learn a wide variety of best business practices as well as essential communication skills. Understanding the global economy is a key point of the program to familiarize students with connections between countries and societies. 

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Job Outlook and Career Growth

Students with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business often enjoy working and talking with a wide variety of people. A career in this field often involves travel, which is an exciting part of the job. Most graduates find a career in the logistics or management field, while some go on to earn advanced graduate degrees. 

With a degree in International Business, you can expect to earn an average salary between $75,000-$85,000 each year. While the logistics industry is set to grow at an average rate of 5%, the business management sector is expected to grow at 14%! This is great news for those International Business students who will be entering the career field in the near future.


St. Thomas University’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Cybersecurity is an exciting option for students. The growth of technology combined with the importance of online security create an entire sector that is vital to business success. Cybersecurity graduates will learn how to keep financial information safe online as well as tailor the infrastructure of sensitive business information. If you love business and computers, cybersecurity is a perfect fit.

Credit: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Outlook and Career Growth

The importance of keeping information safe, while also making businesses easily accessible is the primary reason why cybersecurity careers are skyrocketing. Graduates should have no problem finding a job in this field with a projected growth rate of a whopping 32% through 2028! Not only can you pick from your choice of job offers, but you’ll also enjoy a higher average salary of around $98,000 per year. Professionals in this industry often work in office settings and spend much of their time behind a computer.


Earning a degree in marketing opens many doors in the business world for college graduates. STU’s Bachelor of Business in Marketing offers a comprehensive understanding of marketing and how it affects business on multiple levels. Students pursuing this degree have a firm grasp on the nuances of marketing and the skills needed to help their business succeed.

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Job Outlook and Career Growth

Marketing degrees offer a wide variety of career paths. Many students choose management or account executive positions after graduation. Advertising is another important aspect of marketing and is a vital part of how the business reaches customers. 

The average salary for Marketing Managers is $130,000 each year. The sector is expected to grow by 8% in the near future as well. However, there are fewer overall jobs for marketing managers as opposed to other business administration program options. Marketing managers also spend a lot of extra time with clients, and travel is another essential part of the job.


The Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting at STU is a perfect choice for those students who love numbers. Undergraduates who excel in this program are fascinated by accounting functions, taxes, and auditing. You’ll receive a solid education in understanding how vital accounting is to business as a whole, as well as the detailed theoretical foundations and principles of accounting.

Job Outlook and Career Growth

Excellent accountants are the backbone of any industry. With a BA in Accounting, you’ll have a wide variety of sectors and industries to choose from. Businesses are created to make a profit, meaning that your job as an accountant is crucial to the success of the company.

The median pay for an accountant is around $70,000, and this industry is expected to grow at an average rate of 6%. There are currently just under 1.5 million accountant jobs within the United States. Accountants often work in an office setting and spend much of their time working alone or within a group of other like-minded co-workers.

Sports Administration

If you’ve ever watched a professional sports game on television, then you know that sports are big business. STU pioneered the Sports Administration program for students back in 1973. Since then, STU has been on the starting line up of choices for those students wanting to combine their love of business and sports in their future careers. Students in this degree program learn a mix of business, liberal arts, and sports administration to better understand the relationship between sports and successful business.

Sports management employees holding balls

Job Outlook and Career Growth

Working for your favorite sports team is an exciting opportunity. Sports administrators make an average of about $50,000 per year, but many go on to earn much more with added experience. There are also some great benefits of working for a sports team like gear, tickets, and special event opportunities. 

The job outlook for sports administrators is about average in terms of marketing or business operations careers. Most sports admin jobs are located in larger cities that can support a sports team. There are also other graduate opportunities for those with a sports administration degree from STU.

Choosing the right business administration program that fits your unique skills and talents is important. Not only will the right program help you succeed during your time at STU, but it will also catapult you into a long and successful career. Carefully consider one of these 5 business administration options from STU and apply online today to get started!

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