Monsignor Casale Honors College


Leadership is found in an Honors College. At the Monsignor Casale Honors College, you will be among a diverse group of people who will not only enhance your educational experience, but will challenge your current perspective of the world so that you can lead confidently. If you are seeking a truly different  Honors College experience, with a one of a kind mission, you have found it!

At Monsignor Casale’s Honors College, you will find a vibrant community that bridges the academic and social worlds, and prepares you to be tomorrow’s leader. The Honors College delivers a transformative education through personalized attention, leadership development opportunities, mentorship with community leaders, and community engagement. Its rigorous academic program provides the foundation for a successful professional journey.  All graduates of the honors programs will master a second language and will have had significant experience in study abroad programs as part of their program of studies.

Monsignor Casale Honors College at St. Thomas University, strives to develop flexible, bold, and resilient leaders of tomorrow who will focus on the powerful connection between knowledge, ethics, and opportunities.

If you want to make a difference in the world, learn from global experts, and experience a classroom with no boundaries, choose the Monsignor Casale Honors College at St. Thomas University.



Year One: Discover and develop your purpose through academic experiences and community-engaged projects.

Year Two: Become a changemaker and lead with purpose to transform your community.

Study Abroad: Develop a global perspective through an intercultural immersion experience.

Years Three & Four: Succeed with honors by specializing in your field while applying your skills to the world around you.



Students will participate in a cultural colloquium that will bring them into contact with the history, realities, and vibrancy of Greater Miami as it represents the global community. This is an opportunity for students to network and interact with Greater Miami’s leaders in the arts, sciences, business, and academia and start developing and advancing their own leadership skills.



  • Academic scholarships
  • Community engagement leadership experiences
  • Intermediate to Superior proficiency in a second language
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Innovative honors courses taught by honors faculty
  • One-on-one advising with an honors mentor
  • Networking with South Florida leaders at cultural colloquiums



The Monsignor Casale Honors College study abroad program will be an exciting experiential educational experience that provides students with the global competencies needed to become regional and national leaders who have an astute global perspective to solve complex world problems.



The Monsignor Casale Honors College includes Dooner and Trueba Family Scholars.


Eligibility Requirements are as follows:

Dooner Scholars:

  • 3.7 Cumulative GPA or 1250 SAT or 26 ACT
  • 100+ hours of community service


Trueba Family Scholars:

  • 3.5 Cumulative GPA or 1150 SAT or 25 ACT
  • 100+ hours of community service


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