Risk Management and Compliance

It is the duty of the Office of Risk Management and Compliance protects the University against the risk of loss that would significantly impact the operations of the University. The Office analyzes a variety of operational and strategic risks, assessing their frequency and severity.  Part of this process includes the provision of professional guidance, training and direction to the faculty, staff, students and visitors at St. Thomas University.


St. Thomas University’s Risk Management and Compliance Program is composed of the following elements:

  • A risk-based approach to assess and prioritize the University’s risks and to mitigate them;
  • A University-wide compliance structure;
  • University Policies and Guidelines;
  • Communication, Education and Training; and
  • Periodic Monitoring.

The mission of Risk Management and Compliance is to enhance and protect organizational value of the institution by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice and insight.


As a service provider within STU, we consider first the needs of our campus community.  With this approach, we foster open and collaborative relationships, risk-focused engagement and opportunities to identify improvements crucial to operational processes and procedures.  The Office of Risk Management & Compliance ensures communication with the campus community and staff development supporting our mission to advance and integrate risk awareness, internal controls and compliance requirements as well as to collaborate on proactive and innovative improvements to business processes through high-quality assurance and advisory services.