Graduate Admissions

The admissions process is an evaluation that requires submission of an admissions application and official academic documents (and academic transcripts and test scores when appropriate). We encourage applicants to follow the steps below when submitting an application.

Application Process

Required Documents

Special Student

Special Student is granted to candidates who wish to take courses as a non-degree seeking student. The Special Student (Non-Degree) Application must be completed and submitted to the Office of Admissions. The student is limited to 6 semester credits and are not eligible for financial aid and/or institutional scholarships. International students cannot apply for “Special Student” status.


Cost of Attendance

Your financial guarantee form must reflect that you have adequate financial support to meet the cost of attendance. Please refer to the annual estimated cost of graduate attendance.

Annual Estimate of Cost of Attendance

Academic Year
Fall & Spring Semester
Total Cost
Tuition & Fees* Full-Time (6 Credits) 12 Credits per Year
Education, Biology for STEM Educators, and Counseling programs $631 per credit $7,572
Communication, Science, and Business Programs $782 per Credit $9,384
Theology and Bioethics $537 per credit $6,444
Medical Insurance** $1,392


*International Student fee = $250.
** International students are billed the university health insurance rate at $1,392 per year.




Yasdanee Valdes Ed.D.

Associate Director of Graduate and Online Admissions

Phone: (305)628-6709





Keyer Dominguez

Admissions Adviser

Phone: (305)474-6835