New Student Orientation and Registration

New Undergraduate Students

Upon receiving admission to St. Thomas University, new students are required to submit a $200 enrollment deposit to secure their seat for the upcoming semester. Upon submission of the enrollment deposit, you must RSVP for one of the mandatory virtual orientation dates below. The virtual orientation consists of a series of modules that prepare for your start at STU! You will receive a link the morning of your assigned virtual orientation that directs you to the virtual orientation through Canvas, and you will have until 5pm on Sunday to complete the orientation.

An advisor from our Student Success Center will register you for classes prior to your scheduled orientation date, and you will be able to adjust your schedule at an in-person Bobcat OnBoard event (if necessary).

Fall 2023 Students

Congratulations on becoming a Bobcat! To confirm your enrollment, please RSVP for an Orientation date below.

Fall 2023 Orientation dates (please choose one date, click to schedule):

** As a reminder, you will have the weekend to complete the orientation: Friday 5pm on Sunday. **

Friday, April 14th: Closed

Friday, April 28th: Closed

Friday, May 19th: Closed

Friday, June 2nd: Closed

Friday, June 23rd:

Friday, July 7th:

Friday, July 28th:


** New traditional on ground students are required to submit a $200 tuition deposit to secure their seat for the upcoming semester and register for classes. **

Exempt from the Orientation Event

  • Current STU students
  • Dual Enrollment students
  • Graduate students
  • Online Students

Pre-Orientation Checklist:

  1. Submit $200 Enrollment Deposit.
  2. Please review the Housing Requirements! Then, submit a housing application (Online Housing Application) OR submit a Housing Exemption Request form if you do NOT plan to live on campus.
  3. Submit STU Health and Vaccination Disclosure Form and copies of immunization records (Student Health Forms).

What do I need to know before Orientation Day?

  • You must submit your one-time $200 Tuition Deposit to secure your spot at the virtual orientation (this is not an additional fee, it goes toward your tuition).
  • At 8am the day of your scheduled orientation, we will email you a link to log in to your Orientation CANVAS account. You will need to complete each module.
  • During orientation, you will learn how to navigate through Canvas and MyBobcat, View Financial Aid Documents, Receive your Class Schedule, and more!
  • In the very last module, you must complete the Registration Acknowledgement.
  • Once you have completed all modules, you are now officially a Bobcat!
  • Orientation must be completed by 5pm on the Sunday


What do I need to know after completing the Virtual Orientation?

  • An Admissions Counselor or Coach will follow up with you the following Monday to see if you have any additional questions.
  • Sign up for one of the in-person Bobcat OnBoard events. Bobcat OnBoard is catered for students who have already completed the virtual orientation and are ready to meet with various departments in person to finish all remaining tasks (receive student ID card, pick up STU parking pass, adjust class schedule, discuss financial aid options, etc.)
  • Utilize the Incoming Student Checklist to make sure you have submitted all required documents to financial aid, applied for housing or completed a housing exemption form, complete student health forms, waive out of school health insurance (if applicable), and finally set up a payment plan with the Business Office.
  • Make sure you send your final official transcripts to STU after graduation or your final college term.



May 1st, 2023: Admissions National Priority Deadline, be sure to Submit your $200 Enrollment Deposit.

July 15th, 2023: First Payment Plan is Due. Sign-up for your plan via your MyBobcat account. DO NOT WAIT to get this done, the sooner you enroll, the better.

September 9th, 2023: Insurance Waiver Deadline (If you plan to waive coverage). Click here for instruction on how to waive out of the school health insurance!


Have more questions? Please contact the Office of Admissions, call/text us at 305-928-2865 or email us at