Division Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs helps you to Envision Your Future. We offer a culture of new thinking, global focus, forefront facilities, and learning environments. We impact students throughout their academic career; from recruiting new Bobcats to graduating “Leaders for Life”.

Student Affairs embraces an innovative spirit and is committed to working with a diverse student population. Here at St. Thomas University, cultural and ethnic diversity aren’t goals, they are the foundation of the unique learning and living global environment.

We are here to help all STU students be successful and succeed. At St. Thomas University, you will become a bold, adaptable, effective leader; finding success and fulfillment in a global economy and changing world.

We take great pride in the excellent facilities, staff, and student programs that make up this exceptional division, and can help you find the balance between your academic and student involvement opportunities to ensure you feel connected to our STU community. We will listen, have the courage to change what needs to be changed and make a difference both within and outside the gates of St. Thomas University.

We invite you to learn more about Student Affairs. It is thanks to our students and staff and their commitment to innovation that we will continue to directly impact our students’ lives.


The Division of Student Affairs enhances academic success and holistic development of students by providing a broad array of collaborative, co-curricular programs, services, and activities that promote a positive impact on the development and retention of students, personal integrity, ethical leadership, civic responsibility, environmental awareness, and social consciousness.

Involve. Engage. Evolve…Lead!

Core Values

Student Affairs believes in the transformative power of education. Toward that end, we will act as a catalyst for positive change in our society and offer services and programs that focus on:

  • Student Learning – enhancing personal development through purposeful activities, programming and student support services and co-curricular programs Inclusive Community – promoting an open and civil campus community respectful of diverse ideas, histories and experiences
  • Servant Leadership – supporting students’ learning by participating in service opportunities that promote leadership development
  • Collaboration – partnering with the university citizenry and community members, to increase student learning and promote student success
  • Sustainability – acting consciously to nurture the individual, institutional and societal relationship with the environment