Your loyalty, support, and success mean the world to us. We want to make sure we are showing you some love.

STU Alumni are now eligible for our Alumni Bobcat Loyalty Program which provides them with a

toward obtaining a graduate or doctoral degree.

Get your next degree. It’s time to become…


Applicants Must Meet the Following Eligibility Requirements:

1. Be a graduate from St. Thomas University

2. Are starting a NEW academic program

3. Be in good financial standing with the University.

4. Be enrolled in an eligible graduate-level academic program.

Apply Now now to get at 20% discount


Eligible students will receive a 20% discount not to be utilized with any other STU discounts/corporate discount agreements. The total discount and scholarship amount cannot exceed the cost of tuition. Dissertation courses are not covered.

The following academic programs are not eligible for the Alumni Discount:

  • Doctor of Law (JD)
  • All Joint-JD/MBA or MS
  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • Certificate Programs (Law School)
  • Doctor of Education in Innovation and Leadership
  • Master of Business Administration Fully Online (all specializations)
  • Master of Science in Educational Leadership (Online)
  • Master of Science in Instructional Design
  • Master of Science in Medical Science
  • Master of Science in Nursing (Online)
  1. If I am a student-athlete receiving an athletic scholarship, do I still qualify for the Bobcat Loyalty discount? Yes, but the combined total of your athletic scholarship and the Loyalty discount cannot exceed 50% of the tuition cost. If it does, then you can only choose one.
  1. If I am an alumnus who is currently enrolled in a graduate program at STU, can I receive the Bobcat Loyalty discount? Yes, only the new courses that you enroll for will receive the discount. Any graduate courses that you already completed will not be eligible for the discount. You will need to complete the Bobcat Loyalty discount application prior to the start of the new term.
  1.  How many credits do I need to be enrolled to be eligible for the Bobcat Loyalty discount? You need to be enrolled in at least 3 credits per term. Please note, that dissertation courses are not eligible for the discount.
  1. Do I need to maintain a certain GPA to receive the discount? You need to maintain the minimum GPA requirements of your academic program to be eligible for the discount. Typically, for most graduate programs a student must maintain a 3.0 GPA.
  1. If I fall below the GPA requirements of my academic program and put on academic probation, can I regain the Loyalty discount? Yes, once you raise your GPA back up to a 3.0 and are out of academic probation, the discount will be reinstated for the new term.
  1. If I choose to take a break between semesters, am I still eligible for the Loyalty discount when I reenroll? Yes, as long as you are not in academic probation and reenroll in a term prior to 365 days from your last enrolled term.
  1. Can I continue receiving the Bobcat Loyalty discount if I decide to enroll in another graduate program after I graduate, even if I do not pursue a higher degree program? Yes, you continue to receive the discount as long as you enroll in an eligible graduate program.
  1. If I decide to switch academic programs before graduation, am I still eligible to receive the Bobcat Loyalty discount? Yes, as long as you switch to an eligible academic program.
  1. If I am currently enrolled in a non-eligible academic program and decide to switch to an eligible program, can I receive the Loyalty discount? Yes, any new courses you enroll for under the new eligible program will receive the discount.

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