Vehicle & Golf Cart Use Information

Golf Cart Usage
All STU employees must review and sign the Golf Cart Use Policy prior to using a golf cart.  The policy must be reviewed and signed annually to ensure each employee understands the rules of operating a golf cart safely on STU’s campus.

Golf Cart Policy for Current Employees and Students

Motor Vehicle Check

All STU employees and students (over the age of 21) who seek to use an STU owned or leased vehicle must complete the MVR form.  This is also applicable if the individual plans on renting a vehicle for University business.

MVR Form

Rental Car Insurance While Traveling on University Business
An individual renting a vehicle contractually assumes liability for any loss or damage to that vehicle, regardless of fault.  Although car rental companies offer collision damage liability waiver coverage for a daily fee, this coverage is provided by the University when a University purchase card (P-Card) is used or by requesting a certificate of insurance.  It is recommended that you always use a University P-Card to pay for the vehicle rental, so that it provides physical damage coverage under the Archdiocese self-insured program.   When renting a vehicle in the United States, you should decline all options as you are covered by the University for accidents while on University business.

The University policy requires that this coverage be declined, except  when renting a vehicle in any country other than the United States.  When renting a vehicle in another country other than the United States, it is required to purchase the insurance option.

In the event of an accident, employees are to contact the Associate HR Director at (305) 628-6514 and/or Manager of ECRM at (305) 628-6648, immediately.

** Reminder: STU does not permit the rental and use of 13 or 15 vans.