Title IX Compliance

To file a complaint of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking contact the Title IX Coordinator. You may also contact:

Mark St. Louis, J.D.
Associate VP for Compliance

St. Thomas University’s Public Safety
Phone: (305) 628-6500

Incident Reporting Online click here.

Online Training

SafeColleges provides our employees and students with access to a comprehensive library of engaging courses.

Employee Access: https://stu-fl.safecolleges.com/login

Student Access: https://stustudents-fl.safecolleges.com/login


If you have a complaint involving sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual violence, or if you have questions about St. Thomas’ policies or procedures in these areas, please contact the Title IX Coordinator listed below.

Mark St. Louis, J.D.
Associate VP for Compliance


Student Health Center, Victim Advocacy and Counseling

Community programs assisting survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking include:

St. Thomas University offers on-campus support through our Student Health & Counseling Center, located in the Building 15, known as Cascia/Glasshouse. Counseling resources on-campus are available by calling (305) 628-6695 or emailing mgaravito@stu.edu.  In addition to counseling services, Baptist Health Clinic is on campus, walk-ins are welcomed and appointments can be made by calling (305)474-6921.

Additionally, we collaborate with the following local organizations to provide resources for sexual assault, domestic violence, and substance abuse. The Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital is available to provide support, crisis intervention, and medical support, and counseling services, FREE of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please contact their 24-hour crisis hotline at (305)585-7273.

For domestic violence, or intimate partner violence resources, you may contact Women in Distress of Broward County at (954)761-1133, or Victim Response Inc (The Lodge) in Miami at (305)693-0232, both agencies are certified domestic violence agencies and offer a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, and crisis counseling, all FREE of charge. For substance abuse counseling or treatment, you may reach out to The Village South Westcare at (305)458-2356 and enroll in any of their Project Style programs. Intake for The Village South take place at out Student Health Center with the coordination of the Director of Student Health.  I would encourage you to seek support if needed and utilize the resources available to you and to others in our community. If you would like CONFIDENTIAL guidance in seeking these resources, please do not hesitate contacting the Director of Student Health Services at Mgaravito@stu.edu or (305)628-6695

Sexual Harassment and Discriminatory Policies


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