Drug Law Society

The Drug Law Society (“DLS”) at St. Thomas University College of Law is an organization and educational forum for students to network, spread awareness, and learn about all the areas of law involved in comprehensive drug regulation. DLS provides a platform where students can advocate for humane drug policies and challenge long-standing stigmas surrounding drug laws and reform by building transparency and engaging in discussion.

Professional Development

DLS provides student members with opportunities to hear from and engage with speakers on drug law topics and attend community events to network with South Florida professional organizations.

Philanthropy & Awareness

DLS organizes opportunities for members to gain legal and community pro bono hours in areas relating to drug law issues. DLS promotes awareness of drug policy issues and how those issues relate to other areas of law, including constitutional, criminal, health, intellectual property, business, administrative, land use, and international law considerations.

Board Members

Gaston De Cardenas, President
Christopher Duany, Vice President
Gabriella DeSabato, Secretary & Marketing
Noah Taran, Treasurer

Faculty Advisor

Professor Michael Vastine

Contact Us

Email at druglawsociety@stu.edu
Instagram at druglaw.stu