Stephen Plass

Stephen A. Plass

Professor of Law


Phone: 305.623.2314


St. Thomas University College of Law
Suite 204
16401 NW 37th Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33054


B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University
J.D., Howard University School of Law
LL.M., Georgetown University Law Center


Employment Discrimination
Labor Law

Stephen A. Plass

Professor Plass teaches Contracts, Labor Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Collective Bargaining. His research interests are in the areas of labor and employment law, civil rights, and contracts, and he publishes regularly on these subjects.

Prior to joining the law school, Professor Plass worked as corporate counsel and vice president of a company that provides infrastructure services to foreign countries. And before that, he served as a corporate labor lawyer for a public utility. Professor Plass has also served as a Lemon Law arbitrator for the State of Florida, and on the Board of Directors of Legal Services Corporation of Greater Miami. While at St. Thomas, Professor Plass founded the Law Wednesday program that provides free legal services to the poor.

Scholarship & Research



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