In accordance with requirements of the American Bar Association, the College of Law requires that all students have sufficient contact with each class. Students are allowed to miss no more than 20% of the class hours in any class in any semester to be eligible to sit for the examination. The number of classes this correlates to depends on the how often the class meets and the length of each class session. Professors have the right to impose more strict attendance guidelines if they so desire. For a complete explanation of the Attendance policy and indication of the number of allowable absences in each class, please see the Law Student Handbook under “Attendance”.

The College of Law Registrar maintains the attendance records for the Administration and for the enforcement of the Attendance policy. Students can view the absences recorded and submitted to the College of Law Registrar by clicking here: Attendance. However, students should be aware that these records reflect the attendance sheets submitted by the professor. If any attendance sheet has not been submitted the student’s absence will not be reflected at the time the student views the records, so students should keep track of their own attendance.

If any student is experiencing anything that is causing him/her to miss class, he/she should consult with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs prior to exceeding the allowable absences to discuss the situation.