Growing in Faith

The mission of Campus Ministry at St. Thomas University is to serve as a bridge connecting the Catholic Church with the realm of higher education. Our aim is to support the spiritual growth of each member within the University community while simultaneously fostering the betterment of higher education and society as a whole. Campus ministry recognizes four essential Characteristics of a Catholic Institution in higher education: “1) Christian Inspiration; 2) Faith Reflection; 3) Fidelity to the Christian Message; and, 4) Service to the Church and Humanity (Excorde Ecclesiae).” The word “Catholic” means universal. Therefore, Campus Ministry, composed by faculty, staff, students and administrators, it is also sensitive to the diversity and interfaith dimension of the University’s population by welcoming people from all faith traditions. The staff invites all the community to participate by bringing different gifts and talents that enrich the community at St. Thomas. The Campus Ministry Staff welcomes each individual with open arms and invites students, faculty and staff to join the team for prayer and worship at the Chapel of Saint Anthony and enjoy a cup of coffee in the Campus Ministry office located in Mimi Dooner Hall, room 114; among the weekly programs offered to everyone.



Worship and sacramental life of the Church: The University community gathers for worship and prayer at the Chapel of St. Anthony through the celebration of the Eucharist (daily and Sunday Mass) and prayer services organized throughout the academic year. Students are invited to participate in the sacramental life of the Church and join the music team on Sunday and special Masses.

Igniting prayer: Recognizing the presence of God by daily prayer before engaging in daily tasks at the University (i.e. Staff meetings, University official events, lectures, student events, morning prayer and first coffee of the week, study sessions, university games, etc.).

Faith Sharing: Campus Ministry works in collaboration with ResLife by offering a weekly faith sharing group for Young Adults. Topics discussed are related to daily life experiences in light of faith.

Growing in the Faith: This program is offered to STU students, faculty and staff who might be curious about the Catholic Faith and, if they chose, it leads to the reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.

Retreats: Day or weekend long time for prayer and reflection, where students explore their vision and questions on life and on God’s presence and work in their lives and in the world.
Informative gatherings:

Music Ministry: The music ministry plays a crucial role in enhancing the liturgical experiences of the university community through the provision of music during Masses, prayer services, and other religious ceremonies.

Servant leadership: Campus ministry supports the call of the Gospel and the social mission of the Church to work for the poor and vulnerable. The Staff strive to creatively respond, expand and support University efforts.

Fellowship: Campus Ministry promotes the opportunity to meet people and develop friendships in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. These include beach retreat, trips, pilgrimages, cookouts, picnics, holiday celebrations, parties, movies, coffee breaks, etc.

Campus Ministry Donations (

“In you, O, God, have I hoped” – St. Thomas of Villanova. 


Notice of Deceased

If you are aware of a beloved member of our Bobcat family who has passed away and is now with Our Father in heaven, please click here or reach out to our office so that we can share this news with our campus community.



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