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An attitude of gratitude!

By March 16, 2020Highlights

Dear STU Students, Faculty and Staff and Trustees,

Today, our university, city, state, nation and world face an unprecedented challenge and uncertainty. It is also a time, of hope, family and opportunity.

Whenever societies, or universities like ours, face a challenge such as this we learn a lot about ourselves, our neighbors, and our ability to persevere, overcome and succeed. Let’s use this time to reflect on how we will be better as a community, how we will grow and establish key procedures and systems that will set us up for future success.  As members of the Bobcat family, I am expecting each of us to model our mission, and be leaders on our campus, our neighborhoods and beyond. This is when we need to step up, to lean in, do more, and demonstrate our strength. And that is what I want to see reflected in our work. Dedication and commitment to our future and taking the good from the bad. We still have a responsibility to learning and to ensuring we complete our semester!

As we get ready to kick-off our remote online classes tomorrow morning, I am proud of the efforts of our faculty, staff and administration, to learn new technologies that are expanding our capabilities and our opportunities to educate students, here and across the globe. This is about the future success of our students, and our university. There will be plenty of hard work needed to ensure we succeed.

Students, during this time you have the chance to practice self-discipline, learn more about yourselves and your learning style, and employ time management skills. Don’t waste the opportunity!

To better demonstrate this spirit, I am sharing the following excerpt from Charles Swindoll about gratitude and the importance of our outlook and attitude during these times. The person who sent me this today, also added the line below:


Good luck as we venture into a new and exciting territory!

God Bless and Go Bobcats,

St. Thomas University President, David A. Armstrong, J.D.


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