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STU President David A. Armstrong, J.D. quoted in book

There are many things President David A. Armstrong, J.D. attributes to his ability to successfully turnaround a university. Among those things is a book he says has been an invaluable tool in his turnaround toolbox.

That book is Why Are You Making It So Hard for me to give you my money? written by Ray Considine, Ted Cohn, and Chris Considine. The book, known as WAYMISH for short, focuses on the disastrous effects poor customer service can have on a business.

As President Armstrong continues to push St. Thomas University’s mission to develop Leaders for Life, he is laser-focused on how STU can continue to improve and the role faculty and staff that play in that plan. That is why President Armstrong made WAYMISH a reading requirement for all faculty and staff and hosted a campus-wide discussion on how to best apply the lessons of the book to processes at STU to better serve  students.

The university administration then launched a new WAYMISH initiative, that encouraged faculty and staff to submit and propose ideas on how STU could fix issues that were affecting the student’s experience.

President Armstrong now has been recognized as a champion of the book and the authors have named him a WAYMISH Ambassador, even including a quote from President Armstrong in the latest addition.



“Higher education is experiencing one of its most turbulent times ever. In order to make smaller institutions financially viable, able to compete against the State flagship institutions, your work force must be customer-service and goal-oriented. I have utilized the WAYMISH book at three different institutions to create a culture shift towards employee responsibility on achieving success.

I tell people all the time that most view WAYMISH as a customer service guide, but in reality, it is a SUCCESS book! By using the principles in Ray Considine’s book, you can create a work force that is success oriented in everything they do.

This book has helped me turn around the financial trajectory of every institution I’ve served.”

As we prepare to open our Gus Machado Business School Complex in fall 2020, celebrate the launch of our Center for Pandemic, Disaster, and Quarantine Research (STU PDQ) and more, it is clear that President Armstrong has big plans for STU.

David A. Armstrong, J.D.,  is the 10th President of St. Thomas University. Before taking on the role to lead our Bobcat family, he served as the President of Thomas More College in Kentucky for 5 years. Before that role, he served as the Vice President and General Counsel of Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio for 10 years. In each role he took on in higher education, he accomplished historic enrollment and fundraising success. 

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