The 18 credits minor in Teacher Education is designed for students who are enrolled in BA Organizational Leadership undergraduate degree program but are interested in teaching in the K-12 setting. It is designed to introduce a student to the theories and concepts guiding contemporary education and to prepare a student to sit for the Florida Teacher Certification Examination: Professional Education Test.

Opportunity to receive a minor in the field of education while pursuing a leadership degree.



  • Designed to prepare students to sit for Teacher Certificate Examination
  • Flexible program with personalized attention
  • Opening doors to the fastest growing occupational field.
  • Concentrate on 1 four week course at a time
  • Prior college credits from accredited schools accepted
  • Learn from anywhere in the world



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General Education Requirements 42 credits
Program Requirements 9 credits

ORG 204 Fiscal Accountability for Organizational Leadership
ORG 205 Selected Statistical Procedures
POR 300 Adult Development and Life Assessment

Major Requirements 39 credits

COM 4108 Critical Communication for the Professional World
ORG 305 Socio-economic Resources for Organizational Leadership
ORG 311 Organizational Fiscal Resource Administration
ORG 320 Organizational Law
ORG 323 Staffing and Employee Development
LDR 3180 Organizational Behavior
ORG 332 Organizational Promotion
ORG 490 Strategic Policy and Planning
ORG 499A Action Research Project A
ORG 499B Action Research Project B
PHI 3641 Business Ethics
INP 4105 Psychology of Work
SOC 460D Conflict and Conflict Resolution

General Electives 30-45 credits

(Select courses in consultation with your advisor)

Specialization 18 Credits

EDU 266 Human Growth and Development for Educators 3
EDU 300 Classroom Management and Methods of Teaching/ESOL Strategies 3
EDF 2005 Introduction to Education 3
EDE 4422 Teaching Strategies for Inclusion 3
RED 3042 Basics of Reading Instruction 3
TSL 4441 Testing and Evaluation of Student Learning/ESOL Strategies 3


Featured Professor:
Dr. Katsia M. Cadeau
(O) 305-628-6582
Academic Credentials: Ed.D. in Organizational and Educational Leadership Nova Southeastern University; M.S. in Elementary Education, Nova Southeastern University; B.B.A. in Management, St. Thomas University

Program Director:
Dr. Patricia L. Bloodworth
(O) 305.623.2359 | (C): (786) 761-3138


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