Gus Machado College of Business

The Gus Machado College of Business at St. Thomas University is committed to educating tomorrow’s global leaders. Our expert faculty prepares students for the evolving realities of the global marketplace. By integrating Ethics throughout the curriculum, we equip students with the cross-functional intelligence and the balanced world view necessary to understand the real impact of organizations and to become effective leaders.

The Gus Machado College of Business understands the need for business expertise in the marketplace, and its distinguished faculty is ready to expand students’ knowledge in critical areas. Individual attention, small classes, and a diverse student population ensure that students emerge prepared to meet the challenges of a multi-cultural business environment.

Your learning experience, in a small, intimate setting, is custom-tailored to you. Whether you’re on campus or enrolled in one of our fully online programs, our average class size is 15 students, reflecting one of the smallest student-faculty ratios in the country. We offer personalized student advising and focus on career development and placement, with special attention to the development of ethics and leadership skills. You will learn from an experienced and dedicated faculty, combining both academic and business experience.

The Gus Machado College of Business provides ready access to industries defining the new business frontier: Cyber Security ManagementAccounting, Finance, International Business, and Marketing. The College’s Sports Administration program is recognized as one of the nation’s best.

Today’s business environment is rapidly changing, and global citizenship policies and sustainability are trends moving to the forefront of mainstream business practices. As a prime gateway to Europe and Latin America, our South Florida location gives the College a unique world view offering graduates exceptionally strong support for success in the global marketplace.

The Gus Machado College of Business at St. Thomas University emphasizes hands-on learning via internships, and promotes an interactive learning environment to give students real-world skills that they can apply as soon as they graduate.