St. Thomas Law Admissions Policy

The Admissions Committee seeks candidates who are able to successfully complete a rigorous program of legal study. The study of law at St. Thomas University College of Law is intensive and challenging. In assessing a candidate’s ability to meet the requirements of the program, the Admissions Committee carefully assesses each applicant’s ability to grasp and synthesize complex material, communicate clearly and persuasively both verbally and in writing, diligently prepare for class and examinations, and act in an ethical and professional manner. Specifically, the Committee considers an applicant’s Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score(s); undergraduate (and any graduate) academic record, including evidence of academic progress; the personal statement; letters of recommendation; any school disciplinary or criminal record or involvement as a party in a lawsuit; and any additional information the candidate brings to the Committee’s attention in connection with the application. The Committee will conduct a personal interview when it believes the interview will assist it in reaching a decision.

The Admissions Committee also values signs that a candidate will, as an attorney, make a positive contribution to the profession and the community. St. Thomas University College of Law seeks students who will participate in our mission of service to the community, and who can emerge as ethical leaders in the legal profession. Accordingly, the admissions process will consider carefully each applicant’s character and fitness to practice law. Successful applicants must display honesty and maturity by disclosing and learning from past mistakes, and should also demonstrate civility, compassion, and respect toward others.

The Admissions Committee strives for diversity. Unlike many other disciplines, the study of law is highly interactive, while law itself, as Justice Holmes put it, is grounded principally in human experience. The vast range of experience of a diverse student body is a vital pedagogical feature in a law program and helps explain the Admissions Committee’s strong commitment to diversity. The College of Law’s mission of helping provide traditionally under-served communities with access to legal services and of enhancing minority representation within the profession also helps explain the Committee’s emphasis on diversity.