Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The College of Health Sciences and Technology is firmly committed to undergraduate research opportunities. With an investment of over 10 million dollars in laboratory equipment and facilities and over 5 million dollars in federal grant monies acquired over the past 10 years, St. Thomas University is well suited to offer a unique experience to our research students.  Our college provides qualified students the opportunity to engage in independent research with a faculty mentor either during the school year or during the summer. Opportunities for research exist on the St. Thomas campus and with academic and industry partners across the state and country.

Why Is Research Experience Important?

Participation in research provides our students with an experience unlike anything that they can realize inside a classroom as they encounter first-hand the excitement of discovery and a new vantage point of what doing science involves. Our students learn the time, effort, and dedication needed to succeed in a scientific career, lessons that are crucial to ensure their success in graduate and professional schools.

Our students also learn a completely new way to think critically about science. No longer are our students merely reading textbooks, listening to lectures, or working textbook problems. Rather, conducting research requires them to develop thinking skills that put them squarely in the middle of the scientific process of discovering the unknown, of asking new questions, of finding new answers, and of wondering if their own answers are correct. The security of the textbook with all of its marvelous answers vanishes from their everyday lives as never before.

Want to clone and study a gene that may be involved in a particular disease condition?

Our facilities and professors enable students to accomplish the advanced techniques of molecular biology with modern equipment and close faculty supervision. Our molecular biology core is well equipped to handle all student research needs.

Want to analyze cellular or tissue samples from experiments performed in the lab?

Our dedicated histological and microscopy core enables students to analyze the finest detailed structures within cells and tissues. All data acquired within this facility is recorded in digital format for ease of publication of papers or theses.

Want to develop cellular cultures and examine their role in curing diseases?

Our tissue culture core facilities provide faculty and students with the finest equipment and technologies to address experimental questions.


Realize your Research Potential

  • Conduct research in a state-of-the-art laboratory with our faculty mentors
  • Receive the hands-on training needed to improve your research skills
  • Enhance your scientific writing and presentation skills
  • Develop the data needed to attend scientific conferences or meetings
  • Prepare for standard grad school admission exams (MCAT, PCAT, DAT, etc…)
  • Network with students and scientists in your field

Contact a Mentor today!


  • Maria Pina, PhD; Program Director of Chemistry & Professor. mpina@stu.edu

Computer Sciences

  • Bernard Parenteau, PhD; Program Director of Computer Science, Big Data Analytics, and Cyber Security & Professor. bparenteau@stu.edu
  • Safak Kayikci, PhD Professor of Computer Science. skayikci@stu.edu


  • Catherine Grace, PhD; Program Director of Natural Sciences Engineering & Professor. srcatherineg@stu.edu

Health Sciences: Pre- Professional

Health Sciences: Allied Health & Sport Medicine, Exercise Science & Human Performance

  • Kathleen Williams, Ed.D, LAT, ATC, CSCS; Program Director of Health Sciences & Professor. kathleenwilliams@stu.edu
  • Jason Dawlabani, LAT, ATC, LMT; Health Science Practicum Coordinator & Instructor . jdawlabani@stu.edu
  • Nichole Lowe, PT, DPT; Professor of Health Sciences. nlowe@stu.edu
  • Konar Smith, MAT, ATC, CAT (C) ; Human Performance Lab Coordinator & Instructor. Konar@stu.edu

Life Sciences