I-515A Form

An I-515A form is given to an F-1 student if s/he does not present all the required documents when entering the U.S. and is granted only temporary admission at the discretion of the CBP Officer. An I-515A requires F-1 students to submit the documents listed on the I-515A within 30 days to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).

SEVP will terminate the SEVIS record of any F-1 student who does not comply with the Form I-515A within the 30-day response period. If SEVP does not receive the required documentation at the address provided on the I-515A by the expiration date, the student's SEVIS record will be terminated the next day and s/he will be required to leave the U.S. immediately.

If the student mails all the required original documents to SEVP by the deadline and SEVP approves his/her continued admission, SEVP will return the I-20 to ISSS. ISSS will then contact the student to pick up their document.