Students’ Textbook Program

St. Thomas University is an innovator with the Access Program for all undergraduate courses.  Committed to your academic success and following the national research that indicates students who have their books on the first day of classes perform better in their courses; St. Thomas University has collaborated with our bookstore provider, Follett, to introduce the Access Program. This new textbook program will support your educational pursuit.

Notification and Pick-Up Information

Once registered, you will receive the following:

Thank you email from ‘’:

This email will list your textbooks, due date for rental check-in and other pertinent information. This is just for information only.  Your textbooks are not ready for pick up, yet.

Your textbooks are ready for pickup when you receive an email from ‘’.

This email will list the entire textbook list – rental and non-rental, order number, titles ordered and titles ready for pickup.

Come to the campus store with your credit/debit card for collateral.

Start reading and studying for your classes. The textbooks are yours until the check-in date due date.


A student requesting their order shipped to their home address, please email , so that we may process the request.  The fee is $8.00.  A label for returning your book is provides in an email.

Due Dates

This information is supplied at the time you pick up your textbooks.  Towards the end of the term, you will receive another email to reminding you of the due date.

Additional Information

Throughout the semester you may write on and/or highlight the books as needed, however, liquid damaged, torn, missing page from the textbooks are NOT acceptable for check-in at the Campus Store.

If your book has damage, you will keep the book and pay the difference between the rental price and the book’s rental price when you return for cheek-in at the bookstore.  Similarly, students who would like to keep the book when the term is over may do so by paying difference between the rental price and the book’s retail price.


Consumable books are paid out of pocket by the student at the campus store.  These books are yours to keep.  The campus store will provide that information to you with the price.

Store Hours

Monday – Thursday:   8AM – 7PM;
Friday:   8AM -3PM
Saturday:  10AM – 2PM
Campus Store is located in the Student Center


I would like to keep the book, what do I do?

You can convert to purchase any rental textbook.  See your campus store team member.

Will you charge my credit/debit card?

The credit/debit card will only be charged if you do not return you books by the charged in due date.

My class is cancelled or dropped, what do I do with the books?

Once you have dropped or have a class cancelled, return the books for that class to avoid any charges.

Where is my digital textbook?

A digital book arrives in your school email 2 weeks before classes start from ‘’.


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For additional help, please contact your campus store or Follett Discover support at or 877-432-2711