St. Thomas University seeks to ensure the effective use and enjoyment of the University’s facilities and ensure all events held on campus meet the University’s standards.  The Office of Physical Plant in conjunction with  Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness are designated as the campus units with the responsibility for the reservation of space and facilities, for all academic, non-academic or non-credit activities.  By policy, all requests for the use of University facilities for academic, non-academic or non-credit activities must be submitted to the Office of Physical Plant or Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness for processing.     


General Requirements 

Once it has been established that the requestor is willing to comply with our Facility Usage and Event Policy, the rental information will be forwarded via email to the requesting organization.   


The requestor will sign and return the Reservation and Facility Use Agreement to the Office of Physical Plant or  Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness.  Ten (10%) percent of the use fee and proof of insurance is expected with the original signed contract.  This deposit must be paid to St. Thomas University, between the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Check payment may be delivered to either the Office of Physical Plant, Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness, or payment can be received online.   


Cancellations, Damage to Premises  

To cancel a confirmed event, the group must notify either the Office of Physical Plant or Fernandez Family Center for Leadership and Wellness, Monday through Friday during business hours.   

Events canceled more than ten (10) business days in advance will not incur a cancellation penalty.  Event organizers must submit a non-refundable deposit equal to ten percent (10%) of the base rental fee at the time of submitting the Agreement1. Groups that do not show for a confirmed event will incur 100% of rental and staffing costs.   

Additional fees will be charged to the group if reserved space is not cleaned properly following an event.  The User will be charged by the University for cleanup, repair and/or restoration if deemed necessary by the Director of Physical Plant.   


Fee and Rate Schedules 

All events are assigned STU personnel depending on the specific event function.  The event coordinator reserves the right to prescribe the quantity of the STU personnel for your event.  Public Safety and Food Services (Bobcat Dining) are University vendors and will have the final determination of personnel and/or services needed for each event.   


Category 1 –University Co-Sponsored Events

A discounted room rental fee and discounted service fees will be charged for events in this category. 


University Co-Sponsored Events  Events that are organized/presented by a recognized student organization or University department working collaboratively with an external not-for-profit or governmental entity. This collaboration requires a significant and logical relationship that is compatible with the educational and community service mission of the University. The University Co-sponsor must: • Insure all paperwork is completed • Be the lead person in the planning and execution of the event with the external entity and University Event Coordinator • Attend the event from set-up to break-down to ensure that it is conducted properly and follows University policies • Ensure all costs associated with the event are billed to and paid for by their University organization and the external entity. 
Non-For- Profit Organization  A nonprofit organization recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c). 
Alumni and Employees  St. Thomas University alumni and employees. 


Category 2 – Non-University Groups

Full rates apply. 


Non-University Group/ External Events  All other categories of prospective users, even though some of the members or participants may be university personnel, alumni, or students.   Programs and activities organized by a non-university group.   


Venue/Event Space (hourly rate per 1-hr Block, unless noted otherwise) 
Location  Category 1  Category 2 
Classroom (Seats 30)  $ 40.00  $ 70.00 
Classroom (Seats 50-75)  $ 50.00  $ 80.00 
Bobcat Hall of Fame (Seats 80)  $ 80.00  $ 130.00 
Evelyn & George Goldbloom Convocation Hall (Seats 250)  $ 120.00  $ 200.00 
Moot Courtroom (Seat 250)  $ 120.00  $ 200.00 
Office Space  $ 40.00  $ 70.00 
Computer Lab Space  $ 70.00  $ 110.00 
Plaza Kelly  $100.00  $150.00 
Seflin Room – University Library  $ 80.00  $ 130.00 


Athletic Spaces and Fields (for official games or per 2 hours) 
Location  Category 1  Category 2 
Softball Fields 

Day Rate 

Night Rate 

** Double headers will be assessed an additional $200 fee. 





Baseball Fields  

Day Rate 

Night Rate 

** Double headers will be assessed an additional $200 fee. 

$ 400.00 

$ 600.00 

$ 400.00 

$ 600.00 

Outdoor Basketball Courts   $ 150.00  $ 150.00 
Tennis Courts   $ 180.00  $ 180.00 
Soccer Fields ( per field) 

Game Field 

Practice Field 

$ 550.00 


$ 550.00 


Official Basketball/Volleyball Game  $500.00  $500.00 
Fernandez Family Center Gymnasium  

*** Over 8 hours usage will include an $200 per additional hour 

$ 750.00  $ 1,500.00 
Fernandez Family Center Lobby 

*** Over 4 hours usage will include an $50 per additional hour 

$ 200.00  $ 300.00 
Fernandez Family Center Multipurpose Room (per hour)  $ 60.00  $ 100.00 
Fernandez Family Fitness Center (per hour)  $60.00  $ 100.00 
Fernandez Family Locker Rooms (per hour)  $50.00  $100.00 
Fernandez Family Athletic Training Room (per hour)  

** must bring own supplies 

$150.00  $150.00 
Intramural Field   $100.00  $150.00 
Outdoor Beach Volleyball Court   $150.00  $200.00 
Pool (does not include Life Guard) (per hour)  $ 80.00  $ 130.00 


Event Services (a 2-hr minimum will be charged) 
Service  Category 1 & 2 
Event Coordinator/ Support (per person/per hour)  $ 30.00 
Tables    Please contact Robinhood Rentals at (954) 966-3136  
Chairs   Please contact Robinhood Rentals at (954) 966-3136  
Housekeeping Personnel  (per person/per hour)  $ 30.00 
Public Safety Officer   $ 40.00  

Evenings & Saturdays 

Microphone (each)  $ 100.00 
Basketball Court Vinyl Floor Covering (per event)  $ 500.00 
Basketball Floor Carpet Covering (per event)  $ 2,000.00 
Athletic Announcer  $ 50.00 
Athletic Scoreboard Operator  $ 40.00 
Basketball Shot Clock Operator  $ 40.00 
Baseball Supervisor  $ 100.00 
Baseball Video Scoreboard Operator  $ 75.00 
Baseball Clay Bag Packing (per bag)  $ 20.00 
Baseball Diamond Dry Bag (per bag)  $ 20.00 
Field Lining – Soccer Field (per field  $ 150.00 
Field Lining – Soccer Field for Football 

(per field) 

$ 200.00 
Field Lining – Baseball or Softball  $ 50.00 


Please note:  Fees listed are approximate and in addition to the basic use fees.  Exact costs are to be determined by the Vice President for Administration & Chief Financial Officer. 


Screening of Volunteers and Support Staff Working with Minors  

According to Florida Statue, Section 435.04, all employees are required by law to undergo a security background investigation as a condition of working with minors, health service personnel, those with disabilities, and/or direct service providers to elderly.  All persons affiliated or associated with User, whether by employment, independent contractor, volunteer, invitation, or any other status, who have access to the Premises.  Volunteers who work with children less than ten (10) hours a month don’t have to be screened as long as “a person who meets the screening requirement of this section is always present and has the volunteer in his or her line of sight.” 

Any organization using STU facilities for a camp directed towards minors must provide written certification in the form of an affidavit ensuring compliance with this request, and proof of the same, thirty (30) days prior to use of the university property.  If you are unable to provide proof, STU has the right to send you to our fingerprinting facility in order for you to meet the Level 2 screening under Florida Law to work or be in contact with minors. Please note, STU will charge for this service. 


Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) 

TULIP is designed to provide low cost general liability insurance to third party users of our facilities.  It protects both the Facility Users and the University against claims by third parties who may be injured or lose property as a result of participating in an event.  This coverage is for vendors/exhibitors who currently do not have insurance or are not able to meet the University’s insurance coverage requirements.  St. Thomas University does not provide insurance coverage.  If your organization does not currently have insurance, then please contact an independent insurance carrier or you may go to: https://tulip.ajgrms.com/ to purchase event coverage for use only at St. Thomas.  The coverage provided by Arthur J. Gallagher is only an option.  


Please make payments to: St. Thomas University, Inc. 

16401 NW 37th Avenue 

Miami Gardens, Florida 33054 



Bill Rychel (wrychel@stu.edu) / (305) 628-6775