Anthony Moreno, MA
Professor of English

Anthony Moreno is an Instructor of English at St. Thomas University. He received an M.A. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in literature from Florida International University, and a B.S. in Psychology and Child Development from Florida State University.

He currently teaches introductory composition and literature courses, the Modern Short Story, and Horror Studies. Professor Moreno’s research interests are interdisciplinary. He researches the sublime in literature, horror and dystopian texts, and punk pedagogies and scholarship. He is particularly interested in intersecting literature with punk studies.

Along with his academic interests, Professor Moreno loves to listen to music, collect vinyl records, and play his guitar. He is in a punk band where he plays guitar and kind of sings and screams. Going to concerts, hanging out with his family and Boston terrier, and exploring the natural world are things he truly enjoys. He is also a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan!