Kelly Wolfe, MA, MFA
Kelly Wolfe, MA, MFA
Program Director

Kelly Wolfe is an Associate Professor at St. Thomas University, holding an MFA in Creative Writing from George Mason University and an MA in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University.

Her writing has been featured in prominent publications such as the Hartford Courant, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Palm Beach Post, Boca magazine, and Florida Table magazine. She was honored as the first runner-up in the Norton Girault Literary Prize for Nonfiction in 2014, leading to the publication of the essay “Early Mourning Flight” in Barely South Review. Their micro fiction piece, “Beautiful Bicuspid,” was published in Gargoyle magazine and earned a nomination for a Pushcart Prize.

In her role as an English Composition professor, Wolfe delves into the rhetoric of public space, analyzing subjects like Miami’s vibrant street art scene and the way local artists have transformed city dialogue into an international tourist attraction. She also explores the Riot Grrrl Movement and the rise of the ‘zine, focusing on its birth in the 1990s from women-led Punk Rock bands that were blocked from mainstream media coverage.

As a Literature Professor, Wolfe specializes in ancient texts and mythology, and has expressed enthusiasm for contemporary interpretations of classic works, such as Maria Dahvana Headly’s “Mere Wife,” a suburban retelling of Beowulf.

Outside of the professional sphere, Wolfe resides in Little Haiti, surrounded by an extensive collection of plants and take-out boxes.