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College to Career: My Internship at The Good News Bookfair

At St. Thomas University, we are committed to the success of our students inside and outside of the classroom. Our College to Career series will feature and celebrate  STU Bobcats and their internship and first job experiences. Get to know STU Bobcat, Nathaniel Muñoz, and Good News! Book Fair intern below!


  1. Name: Nathaniel Muñoz
  2. Degree/Major: Bachelors of Arts in English
  3. Graduation Year: Class of 2022
  4. Where did you intern? I interned at the Good News! Book fair. The Good News! Book Fair works to instill a love of reading in children with books that are fun, entertaining and align with Christian faith and values! They started off selling their Christian and Catholic books to students and families through book fairs and their website in Florida but have expanded into other states as demand has grown.
  5. How did you find out about your internship and secure it? I found out about this internship opportunity through the Spring Career Fair of 2019. I decided to attend the Spring Fair because I wanted to find opportunities to network and grow professionally. After an on-campus interview and discussion, it was decided that I would be able to take on this internship to fulfill the 3-credit requirement for my major.
  6. What projects did you work on? Throughout the internship, I would take part in updating the online inventory product details to reflect the most recent information to help customers more easily navigate through our resources.
  7. What was your most memorable experience? My favorite part about this internship was the opportunity to see how the behind-the-scenes portion of this company operated. Especially since it was within my industry, the book industry. I had never gotten an inside view of the retail perspective of a company’s online catalogue, so it was great to gain that understanding through my internship.
  8. How do you think this internship will benefit your future? Like I mentioned before, the Good News! Book Fair is a company that sells Christian & Catholic books to students and families through Book Fairs and their website. Working in the Department of Campus Ministry in St. Thomas University and being an English Major, this opportunity bridged my two biggest passions, books and my faith, seamlessly into an internship. I know this opportunity will set me on a path to finding a position I’ll love.
  9. What advice do you have for Bobcats that are starting the internship process?  To any Bobcat that is on the hunt for a job or internship, I encourage you to ask around, seek every opportunity, and invest in yourself as much as possible. You never know what opportunities you’ll find right on campus either, so make a point of leveraging the resources we’re given as students through Career Services!
  10. Describe your internship in a GIF. 




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