Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarships are funded by private entities which have various criteria, due dates, scholarship amounts and renewal requirements. Please click on the scholarships below which you want more information on and you will be directed to the sponsor’s scholarship page. You must notify the Office of Financial Aid if you are awarded any of these scholarships to avoid being over met on your Cost of Attendance.

St. Thomas University provides the information and links for the following scholarships as a courtesy to our students. However, the University has no direct affiliation with these entities. Therefore, any issues or concerns regarding these scholarships should be directed at the awarding organizations.

Organized by deadline

GoBestVPN Scholarship– Deadline: May 30th annual

Panel Systems Unlimited Scholarship– Deadline: June 1st, Annually

24/7 Doctors Answering Service 2018-2019 Scholarship Program– Deadline: June 1st, Annually

Supplement Relief Scholarship– Deadline: June 14th, 2020

Sixth City Marketing College Scholarship– Deadline: June 15th, 2020

FreedomCare Scholarship– Deadline: June 18th, 2020

codePost Computer Science Education Scholarship– Deadline: June 30th, 2020

  • Open to undergrad and grad students pursuing a Computer Science degree
  • More Information

Sober Partners College Scholarship – Deadline: July 31st, 2020

The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey Scholarship– Deadline: August 1st 2020

Dura-Pack Packaging Sustainability Initiative Award– Deadline: Several submission deadlines available

Design for Recovery Scholarship– Deadline: October 31st, 2020

Lowenberg & Kumar Scholarship– Deadline: November 1st, Annually

Miller Law Scholarship– Deadline: December 1st, 2020

North American Van Lines Logistics Scholarship– Deadline: December 15th, 2020

Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Cancer Awareness – Deadline: December 15th, 2020

Inspirational Stories Scholarship – Deadline: December 20th, 2020


The Smart Lad Monthly Scholarship Program– Deadline: The 15th every month
The Aspiring Physicians Award– Deadline: December 31st & July 15th
  • US or Candian Citizen; Current enrollment in Premed or UG science programs. 3.75 GPA or higher.
  • More Information
Pretty Actions Scholarship– Deadline: April 15 & October 15 (Annually)
Bluehost Internet in Education Scholarship – Deadline: November 30th & July 31st
  • $1500
  • Open to all current student with a minimum 3.0 GPA; Deadlines depend on which semester student is applying for.
  • More Information
Picture Keeper Scholarship– Deadline: Bi-Annually, December 17th and April 18th
  • Award amount 1st place: $1,500, 2nd place: $1,000
  • Open to all students.
  • More Information
Laser Spine Institute Scholarship – Deadline: June 15th -August 15th
  • $1500
  • Open to all Undergrad students with a minimum 3.5 GPA.
Pretty Lightroom Presets Scholarship – Deadline: June 15th & December 15th
Buenas Opiniones Latino Scholarship– Deadline: January 31/August 31/bi-annually
  • Award amount $2,500
  • Student must be of Hispanic heritage; minimum 3.0 GPA; Undergrad or Grad students; all majors.
  • More Information
Custody X-change Scholarship– Deadline: Spring/Summer/Fall -Yr Round
  • Award amount $1,000
  • Open to single parent students; Must be enrolled full time; minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • More Information
Diabetes Council Scholarships – Deadline: April 15/ Every Year
  • numerous values
  • Open to all students with high academic achievement and leadership skills; self-manage diabetes.
  • More Information
College Scholarships.org – Deadline: Deadline Varies
  • Multiple awards amount varies
  • Open to all students; Check website for specific details.
  • More Information
The HOTH SEO Scholarship Program – Deadline: Deadline Varies
MoneyGeek Scholarship Programs – Deadline: Deadline Varies
  • Award Amount Varies
  • Open to all students; Check website for specific details.
  • More Information
Protein Daily Sports Nutrition Scholarship – Deadline: Deadline Varies
Scholarship for Minority Students – Deadline: Deadline Varies
  • Award Amount Varies
  • Open to all minority students; Check website for specific details.
  • More Information
UNCF Scholarships – Deadline: Varies
  • Scholarship amount varies
  • Open to all students; Check website for specific details.
  • More information
A Place for Mom 2017 Scholarship – Deadline: Various deadlines
Financial Aid & Scholarships for Criminal Justice – Deadline: Various deadlines
Nested Bean “Next Level” Scholarship – Deadline:
Key Exteriors – Deadline:
  • Business, Logistics, Marketing and Organizational Leadership or General Studies; Minimum 3.5 GPA
  • More Information