A holistic university education has two crucial parts.  First is “The Brain”, which focuses on the crucial components of an academic program that will provide students with a foundation to be successful as a professional after graduation.  Second is “The Heart”, focusing on educational empowerment, which creates a sustainable link to ethical civic and community engagement.  This link allows for the development of relationships and provides direction as students develop into productive citizens and upstanding individuals after graduation.  Both of these are critical to the overall success of our students.  Thus, it is imperative to prioritize both components and establish collaborative efforts to maximize our holistic impact on students.

The Institute for Ethical Leadership provides learners at the undergraduate and graduate levels with opportunities to extend learning through high impact educational practices for Ethical Leadership formation (i.e. internships, service-learning, research, and community outreach).  This creates the impetus for a tangible application of theory through real-world growth activities within organizational and community development arenas.

Our programmatic initiatives provide students, industry partners, policymakers, and community leaders with opportunities to interact and discuss the ethical imperatives associated with complex challenges facing our world locally, throughout the state of Florida, nationally, and internationally.  These initiatives engage our diverse learner populations in the development of sustainable solutions and implementation plans to address and mitigate the greatest challenges facing our global organizations and communities.  The following provides an understanding of the amazing opportunities offered.


Large-Scale Events

The Institute for Ethical Leadership partners with corporate and community entities to establish thought leadership surrounding our most pressing problems.





The Executive in Residence Program

Corporate Executives, Politicians, and Community Leaders serve as a faculty member for the day to bring the critical problems facing our world to the classroom and establish networking opportunities for our students.




Research Opportunities

The world needs our students’ genius. Research opportunities are grounded in this idea answering the critical questions and establishing the ethical standards that ensure organizational and community sustainability.




The Veritans

This scholar program highlights dynamic students who seek and define the truth inherent to ethical practice for our organizations, communities, and world through their service and research.






Internships & Community Projects

Aligning with the mission of St. Thomas University, our students provide ethical leadership through high impact projects within corporate, non-profit, educational, and community settings.





Faculty Fellows

Faculty members creating significant opportunities for our students’ growth and ethical leadership formation are identified and celebrated for their mentorship efforts.