If organizational and community sustainability is possible, Ethical Leadership is not an option — It is required.

We are in a period of rapid globalization and change.  Increasing and ever-changing demands are being placed on organizational, social, and environmental systems worldwide.  Accounting for our built environment, agricultural production, energy consumption, natural resource conservation, climate change, and global health, along with countless other complex problems and the variables that lead to them will be key if we aspire to sustain the health and well-being of more than 9.725 billion people by 2050.  To address these problems, we will need leaders and complex adaptive problem solvers who can think broadly and boldly.  However, our current education and professional training systems are focused on specific disciplines and linear thinking.  We lack the systems thinking and ethical leadership necessary for addressing the global challenges and complex problems we face.

This daunting challenge illuminates the need for an Ethical Revolution that starts with each of our students.  Through an integrated approach which differentiates the Institute for Ethical Leadership at St. Thomas University from programs and centers at other top tier institutions, diverse students, faculty, industry partners, and policy-makers come together to meet the needs of our dynamic societies globally.  By embracing challenge-based, applied learning opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, community members, and professionals, our learners shape the future for our next generation and assume the mantle of leadership for the Ethical Revolution.

The Institute of Ethical Leadership meets this challenge through the development of innovative challenge-based and applied coursework facilitated by industry and discipline leading faculty capable of preparing students to meet the needs associated with our world’s most pressing problems.