Clinical Program Application

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    Have you applied to any STU Law Certificate Programs? Admiralty and Maritime LawBusiness LawCriminal LitigationElder LawEnvironmental SustainabilityImmigration PracticeIntellectual Property LawIntercultural Human RightsReal Estate LawTax LawNo - none

    Clinic Selection Information

    Which Clinic Placement(s) do you wish to apply for? Appellate Litigation (LAW845)*Bankruptcy Clinic (LAW934)Civil Practice Externship - 4 credit (LAW857)Civil Practice Externship - 8 credit (LAW857)Criminal Practice Externship (LAW864)Elder Law Externship (LAW874)Florida Supreme Court Internship (LAW870)*Immigration Clinic (LAW835)Judicial Internship (LAW864)United Nations Internship (LAW857)Tax Clinic (LAW911) *Placement requires Florida Bar Clearance

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    Academic and Disciplinary Matters

    Character and Fitness

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