How To Access ProQuest eBook Library

eBooks from EBL can be read and downloaded from anywhere and on multiple devices. Many of the ebooks available through EBL are available with audio options. You can also save ebooks to your own personal collections to read later.


From a public computer, EBL ebooks should be read in the web browser using the EBL Online Reader within the EBL database. On your personal computer, ebooks may be read in the browser using the EBL Online Reader or offline by downloading the ebook.

Downloading to Your Personal Computer

To download an EBL ebook to your personal computer to read offline, click Read Online (Available). Then follow these steps:

  1. Click the blue Download tab
  2. Choose the PDF or ePUB format
  3. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions (it’s free). On-campus users at public access terminals or at faculty and staff computers, follow these instructions. Off-campus users may follow these instructions.
  4. To create an Adobe ID, click Sign In at the top of the page and then click Get An Adobe ID. Skip this step if you already have an Adobe ID or choose not to create one.
  5. Choose a Loan duration and click Download
  6. Open the downloaded file
  7. If you have not already done so, authorize your computer by entering your Adobe ID

Downloading to Your Mobile Device

To download an EBL ebook directly onto your tablet or smart phone, you will need an ebook app, such as Bluefire Reader or similar. Visit the Library Mobile Apps page for instructions.

After installing the app, use the web browser on the device that you want to download to (smart phone or tablet), go to the library’s website and click on the A-to-Z Databases link in the blue box on the bottom right side of the library’s home page. From the E-Resources A-to-Z list, click letter “E,” and click E-Book Library (EBL). Then do the following:

  1. Login using your STU username and password
  2. Click the blue Download tab
  3. Select a loan length
  4. Choose the PDF or ePUB format
  5. Click Download
  6. If you have not already done so, authorize your device by entering your Adobe ID. Then, login using the Adobe ID, and the ebook should open from within the ereader app

Additional help on downloading EBL ebooks is available here.

Transferring Downloaded eBooks

To your iOS device

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Sync your iOS device
  3. Click on the iPhone (or other) icon in the left pane
  4. Click on the Apps tab and scroll down to select File Sharing
  5. Click on Add
  6. Go to your My Digital Editions folder
  7. Select the downloaded ebook you want to transfer (select the .pdf file and not the .acsm file)
  8. Re-sync your iOS device
  9. Open Bluefire Reader on your device and view the book

To your Android device

  1. Copy the .acsm file from your computer to the “Bluefire, Imports folder on your device
  2. Open Bluefire Reader on your device and view the book

Note: The computer with Adobe Digital Editions and the device you are transferring the ebook to must be authorized with the same Adobe ID.

EBL Support

Additional help is available from the Help/Feedback link within the EBL database.