Summer Research Institute (SRI)

SRI is an opportunity funded through MSEIP and STEMPACTS grants from the Department of Education.

SRI is inviting interested and enthusiastic STU students to apply for an internship position. A Limited number of positions are available.

Student Interns will work both as Undergraduate Research Assistants and Peer Mentors.

Students will discuss their results via presentations (oral or poster) at a local undergraduate research symposiums. Students and Mentors are encouraged to publish their SRI work, for example in a conference paper.

Application requirements include:

  1. Overall GPA of 2.5 or better
  2. STEM major (biology, chemistry, computer science, math, pre-engineering)
  3. Completed SRI Application, including a letter of intent explaining why and how the SRI will impact your professional development
  4. Participation in this program will satisfy the experiential learning requirement for all undergraduate students

STU students will receive a stipend based on funding availability.

STU students must be enrolled in a summer course to participate in the SRI. BSC2940 STEM Summer Research Internship is a 1 credit course option if a student doesn’t have another course to take to progress in their major.

Projects will be primarily completed in-person on campus with possible remote internships available. Computer science and technology projects will be completed in a hybrid format with more opportunities for remote work.