John D. (Jack) Rudnick, Jr., Ed.D
Visiting Professor and Program Coordinator

Dr. John D. Rudnick, Jr. joined St. Thomas University as a Visiting Professor and Program Coordinator for the Master of Science degree in Healthcare Quality, Innovation, and Strategy in 2021. Before retirement, he served as a Professor in the Department of Business Administration and Accountancy at Thomas More University where he taught and served in administrative support roles since 2002. Dr. Rudnick also taught in the Masters of Hospital Administration program at Xavier University as an Adjunct Professor in the areas of healthcare marketing, strategy development, and operations (2007-2011). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration (Providence College), a Master of Arts in Health Care Administration degree (The George Washington University), and an Ed.D. in Community Counseling with a focus on Healthcare Leadership (Argosy University). He is an active Fellow in the American College of Health Executives and holds an active license as a Long-Term Care Administrator as well as Master Black Belt Lean Six Sigma certification.

In addition to healthcare, Dr. Rudnick’s main areas of teaching focus on courses in the management discipline, including leadership, strategy, and undergraduate/ graduate capstone courses. He also served on accreditation subcommittees for the University, initial program champion MBA program (“4+1”), Faculty Liaison for Campus Ministry, and Faculty Liaison for Veteran Services. Dr. Rudnick has served as a healthcare administrator in the United States Navy Medical Service Corps in Charleston, SC and as a Physician/Medical/ Officer Programs Recruiter, Philadelphia, PA. His experience in the healthcare field includes the following roles: Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officers for large specialty medical group practices and ambulatory surgery centers; Administrator, post-acute care facilities; Director, grant for a school-based health center initiative; and, Vice President, large healthcare systems. His research interests include healthcare quality improvement and strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership, community health assets mapping, and international adoption advocacy. A Boston native, Dr. Rudnick has served as a practitioner or consultant for healthcare and academic organizations in Ohio, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Florida, and Indiana.



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