Past Issues

Volume 15 – 2020
Volume 14 – 2019
  • Table of Contents – Volume 14
  • Volume 14 Title Page
  • John and June Mary Makdisi: An Intellectual and Moral Journey, by Siegfried Wiessner and Roza Pati
  • Ethical Leadership, by David A. Armstrong
  • John the Theologian: Toward Integrating Law and Religion, by Gordon T. Butler
  • The Faith and Morals of Justice Antonin Scalia, by David F. Forte
  • Law or Justice? What Future for the Legal Profession?, by William P. Quigley
  • Professionalism for Law Teachers: Lessons I Learned from John Makdisi, by Daniel B. Bogart
  • A Justice School: Teaching Forced Migration through Experiential Learning, by Lauren Gilbert
  • John Makdisi on the Intercultural Origins of the Common Law, by Marc-Tizoc Gonzalez
  • Human Dignity: The Clandestine Factor in Prosecutorial Discretion, by Tamara F. Lawson
  • The Toll of American Exceptionalism on American Justice, by Jay Sterling Silver
  • Prosecutorial Indiscretion, by Alfred R. Light
  • Civility, Courtesy, Professionalism, and Behaving Responsibly in an Age of Rudeness, by Leonard Pertnoy
  • Doing Well by Being Good: How U.S. Labor Law Encourages Employer Good Faith Behavior, by Douglas E. Ray
  • Nature’s Law and the Nature of the Cosmos: Ancient Human Stories about Perennial Moral Concerns, by Roy Balleste
  • Family Law: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, by Maria Cristina Gonzalez
  • The Moral Imperative to Change Unjust Laws and the New Haven School, by Carol Castleberry
  • Law as a Means to Human Flourishing: Law, Morality, and Natural Law in Policy-Oriented Perspective, by Christian Lee Gonzalez
  • The Transformation of Marriage as a State Institution, by John Makdisi and June Mary Zekan Makdisi
Volume 13 – 2018
  • Table of Contents – Volume 13
  • Volume 13 Title Page
  • Entrada Slavery, Religion and Reconciliation, by Bill Piatt
  • “Lieux de Mémoire” in International Law: The Rights of National and Ethnic Minorities Related to Their Memorial Sites, by Dr. Antal Berkes
  • The Second Front – Again? The Rising Tide of Global Jihadism in East and Southeast Asia, by Dr. Mark Kielsgard & Tam Hey Juan Julian
  • Global Water Crisis and Human Rights: A Glass Half Empty, by Julian Montoya
  • Private Habeas, by Chris Kozak
  • Preventing Cultural Heritage Destruction and the Responsibility to Protect, by Erin Collins
Volume 5 – 2010
Volume 4 – 2009
Volume 3 – 2008
Volume 2 – 2007
Volume 1 – 2006