Printing/Wifi Instructions


St. Thomas University students, faculty, and staff can print from our computer labs as well as from their personal computers while on-campus. Student accessible printer/copiers are located in the Law Library. Three are located in the first floor copy room and two printers are located in the second floor computer lab.

To print from personal computers, print-application software must be downloaded and install on any machine needed for printing. Print software can be downloaded from OITs Student Printing page.

After installation is complete, users should send print jobs to the STU Student Printer which now appears in their print menu. Print jobs can be picked up at any network printer using a STU ID Card or by network ID login information on the printer touch screen. Detailed instructions can be found on the OIT Student Printing page.

Wireless Internet Access

St. Thomas University utilizes an open-access wireless Internet network on campus. Patrons can connect to the STU_WAP network freely from their mobile devices. First time users must register with the STU_WAP network by entering their STU credentials. Campus guests may use the campus WiFi under guest usage but must re-register every 24-hours.

If you have problems connecting or are experiencing difficulties with the connection or access, contact the Office of Information Technology by phone at 305-623-6610 or at