Master of Science in Cybersecurity & Analytics

The M.S. in Cybersecurity and Analytics is a 1-year, 30-credit, evening program in STEM that provides skills that are in-demand in the fast-growing fields of cybersecurity and analytics.

  • Courses are aligned with top industry certifications, such as CompTIA and CISSP
  • The program is designed for students with diverse backgrounds
  • There is strong emphasis on internships and job placement

The MS Cybersecurity and Analytics provides critical skills to combat cyber threats. You’ll learn about

  • Cloud security
  • Hacking, social engineering, DDoS, Malware
  • Networks, VPNs, Firewalls
  • Wireless security
  • Best practices to secure systems


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What is the outlook for Cybersecurity Careers?

  • Average salary for U.S. Cyber Security professional is $116,000
  • The Cybersecurity profession is growing at a rate of 115% through the next 5 years
  • Worldwide shortage of Cybersecurity professionals: 1 million openings

According to CBS News, there are about 465,000 open positions in cybersecurity nationwide as of May 2021.

“There is a 0% unemployment rate in the security field. That rate … shows no sign of changing. So anyone with experience or education in cybersecurity should have no
problem finding a job.” (

Typical Curriculum

The curriculum covers core concepts of networks, cybersecurity, and analytics, all using real-world applications and modern tools.


Cybersecurity Analytics
Internet Protocols & Network Management Security Fundamentals of Big Data Analytics
  Cyber Security Technologies Programming for Data Analytics
Cyber Security Operations Data Engineering
  Ethical Hacking for Business Data Warehousing
Summer 1
Cyber Capstone / Internship Big Data Applications


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