MS Cyber Security

Master of Science in Cyber Security Management & Analytics

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of cyber security management and the major functional activities related to the management of information and technology business and computer systems. The 36-credit curriculum combines quantitative with basic business and management information systems skills (15 credit hours) needed for sound decision-making with additional course work in cyber security management (15 credit hours). The program provides 6 credits of electives so individuals can focus on an area of interest and/or a field experience. Our Cyber Security Management program is a multi-disciplinary degree that includes coursework from Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, and Law disciplines.

Master of Science in Cyber Security & Analytics Degree Highlights

  • Competitively priced tuition
  • Courses aligned with major industry certifications
  • Working professionals can earn the degree in one year
  • Industry relevant curriculum geared towards student success
  • Designed for students with diverse backgrounds
  • Opportunity to network with notable industry leaders and professionals
  • Strong emphasis on internships and job placement

Top 3 Careers in Cyber Security→

Career Landscape


Some of the job titles in this field include, Chief Information Security Officer, Cyber Security Researcher, Information Security Professor, Information Privacy Scientist, Security Information Technology Expert, Forensics Expert, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Security/Privacy Officer, Senior Vice President Cyber Security Strategy.

  • Average salary for U.S. Cyber Security professional is $116,000

  • More than 209,000 Cyber Security jobs in the United States are available

  • The Cyber Security profession is growing at a rate of 36.5% through 2022

  • Worldwide shortage of Cyber Security professionals: 1 million openings

Program Format

  • Two program options: Weekday Evenings or Hybrid Weekend

  • Hybrid Weekend program on campus (15 Sundays)

  • Low student to faculty ratio (12:1 class size)


Curriculum (Course Sampling)

Cybersecurity Analytics
Fall 1
Cyber Security Technologies Fundamentals of Big Data Analytics
Fall 2
Ethical Hacking for Business Programming for Data Analytics
Spring 1
Internet Protocols & Network Management Security Data Mining and Machine Learning
Spring 2
Information Privacy Data Warehousing
Summer 1
Cyber Capstone / Internship Big Data Applications


Featured Professors

  • Dr. S. Mondesire


Contact Graduate Advisors

Dr. S. Mondesire
(305) 474-6075

Yasdanee Valdes, Ph.D.
(305) 628-6709


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