Common Hour

The Common Hour is a time for spiritual, intellectual, social, and cultural growth.

Goal: St. Thomas University will distinguish itself by developing leaders for life.

Objective: Provide leadership development for all students

Time: Every Wednesday from 12:15pm – 1:30pm

The Common Hour will:

  • Provide the opportunity for the university community to participate in the celebration of Mass in the chapel of Saint Anthony
  • Provide the opportunity for faculty, student, and staff engagement
  • Expose participants to an array of programs and activities that will enhance the value of ethics and social responsibility
  • Provide leadership and professional development opportunities through workshops and seminars
  • Provide time for students to meet with academic advisors and financial representatives
  • Allow students to attend clubs and organizations planning meetings
  • Offer lecture series
  • Offer sporting events


Please complete the Common Hour Program Request Form to schedule a Common Hour.