Housing FAQ

Do I have to be admitted to St. Thomas University first before I can apply for on-campus housing?

YES, before your application can be accepted for on-campus housing; you must first be admitted to the University as a student.

When and how will I find out where I am going to live?

Your housing assignment will be sent to you during the summer. All other assignments will be made on a continuous basis; there is generally a two day turn-over-time.

May I see my room before I move in?

Yes, however, the Office of Admissions has guided tours throughout the year, and would be able to show you a residence hall and model room.

Who is required to pay a housing deposit?

Each student who lives in on-campus housing is required to pay a non-refundable housing deposit of $250.00. If no space is available for the academic year you applied, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Can I cancel my Housing Contract?

Once signed and returned, the Housing Contract represents a legal, binding document for the duration of the academic year. Unless you are a graduating student, are enrolled in an approved, University-sponsored study abroad, or other qualifying activities (as per contract terms), you are subject to a contract cancelation fee.

What size are the beds?

The majority of the beds in the residence halls are extra-long twin beds.

Are there laundry facilities in the halls?

Laundry facilities are available in each residence hall. Students must bring their own laundry detergent and other supplies.

What are the housing rates?

The housing rates change yearly. For the most updated rate contact the Residential Life office, located in Student Center, or by calling 305-628-6543, or visit www.stu.edu/housing.

May I be assigned a single room?

Single rooms may be requested, but are limited. Most new students are assigned a roommate at the beginning of the year. Upper-class students, graduate students, and law students are assigned single rooms before freshman and sophomores on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Do I need to be on the meal plan?

Yes. All undergraduate residents are required to be on the meal plan which is included in the housing cost.

What activities are there on and off campus?

Student Affairs, with Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Organizations, plan a host of fun and interactive free events regularly. Check the bulletin boards and your STU email account for advertisements.

Is there a deadline for signing up for housing?

Housing deposits are due when the housing application/agreement is submitted. The earlier you pay your $250 Housing deposit and apply for housing, the more likely you will receive one of your preferred assignment locations. Any applications not accompanied by a deposit will not be processed.

Who can I talk to if I’m having a problem with my roommate?

If you are having a problem with your roommate or with another member of your suite, you should talk to your Resident Assistant (RA). Your RA lives on your floor and has been carefully selected and trained to assist you throughout the academic year. Very often the RAs will talk with their supervisors and help resolve your problem, usually with a meeting of all parties involved. It is important that you maintain an open line of communication with your roommates so that you can talk about problems you may be having. We expect our residents to treat each other as adults and discuss their differences openly. That is the first step in resolving differences. If you continue to have problems and have worked initially with your RA, you may next contact the Residential Life Office. The full-time, professional staff members and graduate assistants can assist you in taking additional steps.

What if I want to change my housing assignment?

A room transfer freeze period is in effect from the time your initial assignment is made until two weeks into the fall or spring semester. The fall freeze allows us to locate all available spaces. You may complete a room change request online if you need to change your room.

May I stay in my room during University holidays and break periods?

You can stay in your room during Winter Break (between fall and spring semesters) and summer break (between spring and fall) but you will be charged a winter housing fee or a summer housing fee. You may stay in your housing assignment during all other holiday periods with no additional cost including but not limited to Thanksgiving break, Spring break, and Easter break. Students who plan to leave campus during breaks and University holidays do NOT need to remove their belongings. We do ask, however, that they empty their refrigerators (to avoid spoilage) and power off electrical items such as televisions, computers, etc., during longer times away from campus.

Are pets permitted in the residence halls?

No. The presence of animals within University housing poses serious health, safety, and maintenance risks. In addition to direct damage incurred by animals, many students have allergic reactions as well. Further, damage and/or problems may become residual, posing difficulties for subsequent residents.

May I have appliances in my room?

Students may have small appliances, such as microwaves and refrigerators. Refrigerators should be 3.6 cubic feet or less and should have a maximum of 400 watts at 120 volts. Microwave ovens should be 1.5 cubic feet capacity or less and should have a maximum of 1100 watts at 120 volts. However, students may not cook in their rooms using equipment which either produces an open flame (camp stoves, Bunsen burners, potpourri burners) or contains an open coil (stove burners.)

Are the rooms carpeted?

There is no carpeting in student rooms in our residence halls. You may feel free to bring your own throw rug for additional comfort.

Are telephones provided?


Is there internet access?

Yes, the University provides FREE, high-speed Internet access in the residence halls.

Can I hook my television up to a cable-TV connection?

Yes. Currently, STU has a contract with Comcast Cable Television for general programming, at no additional cost to you. No “premium” channels or satellite dishes are available.

Where should my parents and friends send letters and packages?

All on-campus students must a mailbox in the Mail and Copy Center, located in Lewis Hall to receive mail. U.S. mail, UPS packages, and the like, will not be delivered directly to your room. Students may utilize the Mail Room to send letters, packages, etc.

If I live on campus, what address should I give to my family and friends?

Your name
St. Thomas University
Building and room number
16401 NW 37th Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33054

What do you suggest I bring with me to campus?

We suggest strongly that you bring your computer, bedding, and clothes. However, for larger things like televisions, stereos, personal phones, we advise you to wait and get to know your roommate. It could be that you make a list of things each of you will return with from Thanksgiving Break or have parents ship larger items to you later. You can purchase microwaves and refrigerators in multiple locations in Miami. If you are going to shop, wait until you check in and meet your roommate!

What is included in the rent?

All utilities are included. Also included are broadband digital cable TV and high-speed Ethernet access.

Will I get to choose where I live?

Every effort is made to accommodate building preferences. However, preferences are not guaranteed. The earlier you apply, the greater your chance is to get your preference.

What if I have a roommate preference?

If you have a person(s) you want to live with, you must request them on your Housing Contract, and they must request you. There is no guarantee, but we make every effort to grant requests.

How do I pay my rent?

Cash, checks, or credit cards may be used. Many students are eligible for Financial Aid or have grants and scholarships that may be applied to your housing cost. All payments can be made at https://go.stu.edu/pay.