St. Thomas University Housing Requirement

Mandatory Housing Policy – First-Year and Sophomores

National research shows that living in a residence hall helps students better adjust to a university, take greater advantage of its resources, perform better academically, become more involved, and in general, have a more positive and successful university experience. In our commitment to provide you with the best experience possible while striving for your academic success, we have established a housing requirement.

We require all full-time, unmarried undergraduates under the age of 21 with fewer than 60 credits to reside in the residence hall, unless they will be commuting from a parent or guardian’s home within 12 miles of St. Thomas University.  

For a First-Year student, living on Campus is…

More academic – The Residence Life staff understands the importance of academic study and has dedicated double and triple rooms specifically for Undergraduates. Space is provided for studying in any Residence Hall. Most rooms offer the chance to study quietly with the library a short walking distance from the halls.
More convenient – Avoid the Miami traffic with an easy walk to class and afterward have a quiet place to study, meet with friends, and save money by eating in the Bobcat Dining Café, Einstein Bros. Bagel or the Rathskellar. A student can either walk to the Fernandez Family Center gym for a workout, march back to the library or even relax by the swimming pool.
More affordable – First-Year Students have the flexibility of paying for an on-campus room with a meal plan. There are no extra charges for utility bills, laundry or money needed for gas; no cable or Internet bills.

Housing Exemption

We realize that some students fall under unique circumstances so we may allow them an exemption from our policy. Students who live with a parent or guardian within a 12-mile radius of the campus are exempt.

New students who fall under the parameters below may request an exemption from this policy. Students who may request an exemption are described below:

  1. A student is married and/or has children. You must provide a copy of a marriage certificate or a copy of a child’s birth certificate.
  2. A student is 21 years of age or older by the first day of their starting term at STU.
  3. A student living with a parent or guardian within a 12-mile radius of the University must provide:
    A statement in writing attesting that you will reside at the permanent address with your parent/guardian.
    Proof of parent occupancy at permanent residence (i.e., copy of utility bill with parent’s name and address).

Submitting a Request

For all requests for exemption please email residencelife@stu.edu. Students who plan to commute must complete the Housing Exemption Form.  Submissions of the Housing Exemption Form does not guarantee an approval. The Office of Residential Life will notify  you in writing of the outcome of the exemption request.

Housing Exemption Decision Dates

A housing exemption decision will be made and sent to students’ STU email addresses on the following dates, depending on the date you file for exemption: May 2, 2022; June 3, 2022; July 11, 2022; and August 4, 2022.


It is in the best interest of the requesting student to submit the exemption as early as possible.

Students who are not approved to live off-campus after submitting a Housing Exemption Form and who fail to adhere to the residency requirement will be assessed a housing charge equal to the lowest published housing cost calculated for each semester of the applicable year of enrollment.