Information for Students & Parents

How do students qualify for admissions to the Dual Enrollment Program? And what is the admissions process?

Students will qualify for admissions to the Dual Enrollment Program, when they are identified by the designated Dual Enrollment Liaison at their respective High School, as students with a junior or senior standing who have maintained a 3.0 or better grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Each student must then complete and turn in to the High School Liaison the Acknowledgement/Authorization Form (Dual Enrollment Program Acknowledgement/Authorization Form) with the required signatures. Then the student must create a user account/application; this step is ONLY required for students taking a STU Dual Enrollment course for the very FIRST TIME.

Where are the Dual Enrollment classes taught?

Students take Dual Enrollment courses at their high school location. Courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Additional courses may be taken during the summer session if offered by the participating high school or at St. Thomas University campus. For a full list of Dual Enrollment courses being taught at our partner high schools, click HERE.

What is the cost and how can I pay for courses?

The price is $60* per credit or $180 per 3 credit course.

Acceptable forms of payment are as follows:

  • Credit Card (For payment, go to NOTE: ONLY the following Card Types are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club & JCB
  • Florida Prepaid College Program (Please contact the Dual Enrollment Representative for your school for instructions on how to pay for Dual Enrollment courses with the Florida Prepaid College Program)

Students attending any of our participating Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) are not assessed tuition fees.
MDCPS waives the tuition since they would have a contract with St. Thomas University.
*subject to change

Can High School students apply for FAFSA funds to cover dual enrollment courses?

No, Financial Aid is funded to students that have earned a HS degree and are degree seeking at the school of choice.

Are Dual Enrollment course credits transferable?

All course credits received in the Dual Enrollment program are accepted by St. Thomas University and are generally transferable to other colleges and universities.

Who teaches the Dual Enrollment courses?

Dual Enrollment courses are taught by St. Thomas University professors and/or high school teachers (who meet St. Thomas University’s criteria for adjunct professors). St. Thomas University, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), abides by its standards for the selection of adjunct faculty.

What are the benefits of enrolling in St. Thomas University’s Dual Enrollment Program?

Students who enroll in St. Thomas University’s Dual Enrollment program are given automatic admission to St. Thomas University (upon completion of undergraduate admission forms) and receive up to 50%* tuition discount!

*subject to change

Where can a student retrieve his/her username & password?

The student should go to  to obtain his/her Username and  to obtain his/her  Password.

Where can a student check for a grade received for a Dual enrollment course?

Login to MyBobcat ( Portal. Under the “WebAdvisor” menu, click on “Students.” After that click on “Academic Profile” and then click on “Grades.” Select the term of when the course was taken and click the “Submit” button.

Where can a student check on his/her balance?

Login to MyBobcat ( Portal. Under the “WebAdvisor” menu, click on “Students.” After that click on “Business Office,” and then click on “Account Summary (AR).” If the student has a balance, please go to to make a payment. Fill out the form. NOTE: Please make sure to add STU ID# or SS# and select “Dual Enrollment” for the “What is this payment for?” option.

Where can a student order their official transcript?

Before ordering the official transcript, students should make sure that their balance is paid off and that their grades have been posted. Visit the Registrar’s office page for instructions on how to order the official transcript: click HERE.

Where can I review the Student Handbook?

Click HERE to access the Student Handbook, and select “Main Campus Student Handbook.” Please note some policies/procedures listed may not be applicable to Dual Enrollment students.

What is FERPA?

Click HERE to find out more information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Where can I get more information on Disability Accommodations?

Information, orientation, and advisement are offered to students who provide the University with current and verifiable disability documentation. Accommodations approved at the high school must be approved for students enrolled in dual enrollment courses. To request accommodations in the high school please contact the school counselor or to obtain more information about St. Thomas University disability accommodations, the student should contact STU Disability Services office at 305-628-6564.

Who can a student/parent contact with additional questions?

For more information regarding the Dual Enrollment Program, contact Andrea Valdez, and 305-474-6827.