Antonio Perez, PhD
Assistant Professor & Grant Manager
PhD, University of Basque Country
Phone: (786)-486-5337

Dr. Perez is a Senior Specialist on Ecology and Biodiversity with more than 25 years of experience on data analysis, application and training of Biostatistics, Biology, Ecology, and Research Methods, as a University Professor and Consultant/ Researcher. He has a strong background in planning and conducting biodiversity and social assessments, among others.  Dr. Perez also has significant experience related to leading diverse professional groups involving both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Mr. Perez has extensive experience in developing reports, scientific articles, books and other educational materials.  He has published more than 60 papers of which 27 are peer-reviewed. Dr. Perez has international field experience in Central America, Mexico, Brazil, the Caribbean and Spain. Mijail speaks native Spanish, is fluent in English and speaks and reads basic French.

His most recent contribution is the following book: Perez, A.M. 2019. Ecology Papers. Made in USA. 201 p.

Dr. Perez has taught Biology, Field Biology, Ecology, Biostatistics, Biodiversity, Environmental Sciences, and Research Methods in Universities of Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and currently at the Miami Dade College, and at St. Thomas University, in Florida, USA.

His teaching is grounded on the belief that in order to engage students with the course topic the professor needs to be very well prepared and be passionate about it. Passion creates an atmosphere of confidence and attracts students to the subject being taught. First hand experiences that the professor brings to the classroom also contribute a great deal to promote curiosity on students. Thus, he always shares with his students examples of his work and engage them in activities where they can apply their knowledge and have real life experiences of their own. His teaching philosophy is also grounded on respect and caring for the students. Showing students respect and never ever disregarding a question regardless of its simplicity is embedded in his teaching practices. He makes himself available to his students outside the classroom.  They know he cares for them and that they can count on him to address their concerns. That is one of his principles of being a good teacher.

His main Research Interest is the study of Biodiversity. He has studied Species, Populations, Communities and Ecosystems. He has studied Biodiversity within Protected areas, Cattle Farms, Botanic Gardens, and in Urban Areas. He has used Statistical tools and Quantitative Ecology tools in order to make models and try to understand the structure and behavior of Biodiversity in all those contexts, as well as in the context of Climate Change. Back in the late 2000’s he was part of a Project that tried to make models of Climate Change based on Biodiversity. Over the last 10 years Dr. Perez has been studying the Biomass of tropical trees in the context of cities, farms and pristine forests and its connection to Climate Change.

Dr. Perez graduated as a Biologist from the University of Havana, he got a Specialty on Conservation Biology at the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, and later on a Master and a Doctorate at the University of the Basque Country, in Spain. After that he had two Post-Doctorates, one on Eco-Toxicology at the UBC in Spain, and the other on Biodiversity-based Modeling, at the Dutch Agency for Environmental Assessments, in the Netherlands.