Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

This degree is designed to provide highly trained and highly motivated teachers for elementary school classes. Candidates for this degree benefit from a non-traditional approach to state certification requirements and course-based clinical and field experiences. The program is designed for working adults who cannot stop work to complete a 16-week field experience. This program benefits from an emphasis on undergraduate research in all academic disciplines as students work side-by-side with professors on research projects and activities.

Featured Professors

Career Opportunities

  • Elementary Education Teacher K-6
  • Primary Education Teacher PK-3
  • Reading Interventionist
  • Learning Center Teacher or Director

Curriculum (Course Sampling)

DEP 2000 Human Growth and Development
EDE 3230 Art and Music in the Elementary School
RED 3111 Reading Methods for Elementary Multicultural Schools
RED 3512 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Problems

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“Please note that STU is unable to confirm the licensure and certification requirements of your state of residence. If you intend to pursue such credentialing in your state or elsewhere, we advise you to contact the applicable state credentialing authority to familiarize yourself with its specific requirements and determine if our program meets its eligibility criteria.
For additional information regarding other states’ recognition of the St. Thomas University online Elementary Education degree for licensing or certification purposes, please visit the <> State-by-State Database of licensing or certification requirements.”