Minor in Criminal Justice

Minor in Forensic Criminal Justice

The Minor in Forensic Criminal Justice is designed for those interested in applying the “magic of science” to the justice enterprise. Students are provided with the unique knowledge and skills afforded by the laboratory sciences in understanding both why and how a criminal event occurred. Correspondingly students develop a sound comprehension of the structure and operation of the police and the courtroom where the evidentiary impact of laboratory efforts has practical consequences. This minor program is intended for students majoring in criminal justice or psychology.


Minor in Forensic Criminal Justice Degree Highlights

Students who earn the Minor in Forensic Criminal Justice are able to identify the major branches of the criminal justice and discuss how they are interrelated and interdependent. In addition they will be able to identify and explain basic crime scene procedures of investigation. They will also have the ability to identify, explain, and implement some of the scientific tests used in criminal case investigations, critically assess their limitations, and address related legal issues.

The program is ideal for students who enjoy the natural and physical sciences and who aspire to working in a laboratory setting. Career benefits include the pursuit of positions as crime scene analysts and technicians.

You will get the personalized private education that you’re promised as we treat each student as an individual to eliminate the possibility of students feeling like just a number in our school.

Career Landscape

Students who Minor in Forensic Criminal Justice will be provided with the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to take on more of a leadership role while working directly with the justice system.

Students can choose to participate in exciting internships with agencies such as the:

Featured Professors

Gary Feinberg, PhD Sociology, The Union Institute

Debbie Goodman Lerner, Ed.D,St.Thomas University

Robin Lovett, Juris Doctor, Howard University


The 24 Credit Minor consists of the following required courses:

CCJ 1020 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJE 3110 Law Enforcement Systems
CJL 3510 Courts and the Criminal Justice System
CCJ 4701 Scientific Research and Crime Analysis
CJL 4407 Criminal Procedures
PSY 470 Psychology of Law
CHS 2500 Introduction to Forensic Science
FRS (One Upper level Forensic Science Course)