Communication & Media Studies Department

For undergraduates, Communication and Media Studies recognizes that communication abilities are vital leadership skills for all careers and professions. These skills are central for lifelong learning that the 21st century demands. The refinement of our students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills along with the ability to effectively use communications technologies is among the most important objectives of our programs. The communication program major prepares students effectively for careers in a wide range of areas. Our students graduate from STU with a sense of accomplishment and a deep understanding of the skills necessary for media and communications related professions.

Graduate students will discover a graduate-level venue for studies and research in communications. The specializations offers courses that develop analytical and practical skills for effective media-related writing and speaking, provide an understanding of media and cultural communication theories, and foster the capability to work in varied roles within the communications and creative industries or succeed in further studies leading to a doctoral program.